Tom Ford Ombré Leather

“Bed first layer No. 5 is available in all views at the disposal of the Ghost of the Paris Opera”

Another pompous “theater” scent in my collection.

Tom Ford Ombré Leather

Magic beauty.

Leather bright sounding with raspberry nuance.

Heated sweet amber, which was stuck white flowers.

Theatre of contrasts-rough start and soft base.

How is it that tar the leather is so nice it sounds with my cold wrists?

How is it that in spite of the pyramid I feel ripe raspberries, podvjalivajutsja on the Bush?

How is it that a rough the aroma was feminine after half an hour?

It’s the body temperature and method of application.

I make zilch from a decent distance.

So I pacify its volume, while the plume remains in place.

I can’t imagine some of zilch directly into the skin. It is inhumane in relation to themselves and to others, because the resistance and the volume here is just outrageous.

But with careful application it’s very good! It would seem-familiar leather history, but there is some mystery, depth.


Top note: Cardamom; middle notes: Sambac Jasmine and Leather; base notes: Patchouli, Amber and Moss.


7395 with a maximum discount of in a large network.


Every time I read about “salon of expensive cars” I want to beat my head against the wall.

Well, there is no loud, vulgar luxury!

Why not take a look at the leather flavors from a different angle?

After all, they are not always about Bentley and not always about men with expensive watches.

Ombré Leather that’s about the contrasts and the theatre.

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