Tom Ford Oud Wood Bath Soap

Love the long-legged uncle, Tom Ford, over time, only growing, and in close range of aromas Oud Wood and Tobacco Vanille joined the strict bar of soap. I would love Tobacco Vanille, but the choice for soap is small, but because… Oud Wood.

Textured box colour black metallic, inside black paper bag with a piece of soap, covered by a sticker and it is impossible to open and again to seal quietly. The whole structure is securely sealed in a film, it is clear that one box was not opened. Plus the aroma is securely stored inside)

Soap weight 150 g, that is, it is more conventional piece. Light gray color, smooth rounded corners, in the inscription of the brand.


Recommendations (should not be used for the face):

If someone is familiar with the scent of Oud Wood, he will understand the smell of the soap. Not as bright as the perfume, but the notes themselves, one to one, with nothing to confuse.

I’m no good at describing scents so difficult. Feel the most acute adoboe and sandalwood, which open on the skin by the warmth of the spices. The aroma is fantastically revealed in the cold season (like Tobacco Vanille), in the summer wear it difficult.

After use, the scent is still some time remains on the skin, clearly felt ambergris, musk and vanilla. The soap foams up perfectly in his hands, while foam is very fine bubble, thick, aromatic cloud. Clean, but not squeaky and drying. You do not want to apply anything on top. Only soft and one of my favorite flavors.

Really want Tobacco Vanille Bath Soap.

Rating: 5+++

Price: 2600 RUB.

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