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Today I want to tell you about the fragrance that has won my heart.

Udofia I love heavy Oriental scents and Tom Ford, a lot of them, all so gorgeous that I’m 2 hours could not decide what exactly I need. And, I am more than sure that one I will not stop.

Now, for me, the fragrances of Tom Ford apart from the competition, they really are worth every ruble.

It is a selective perfume, so the price tag is high.


Name: Tuscan Leather EDP

Brand: Tom Ford

Country: USA

Group scent: leather

Gender: unisex

Category: niche perfumes

Release year: 2007

Price: 14 237 rubles

Volume: 50 ml

Pyramid flavor:

Top notes: Saffron, Raspberry, Thyme

Base notes: Olibanum, Jasmine

Heart notes: Leather, black suede, Wood, amber


Black sleek bottle, Packed in a dark brown box.

The design is beyond praise. The only disadvantage of the black — it is immediately visible fingerprints and scratches. Have a 100ml bottle a little different.

Like all Tom Ford fragrances, this is very concentrated. 2 zilch is usually enough. 3 is the maximum. Otherwise strangle all around and suffocating.

Resistance worthy of the Suite. The aroma is very persistent. Smell all day.

And things smell like straight up Laundry for a few days.

Initially, this fragrance reveals a fruity aroma of bitter grapefruit with subtle hints of Jasmine. Next on the scene already bitter honey leather❤. Rough and long-lasting. In the pyramid there is raspberry, which is also felt, though not much.

Sometimes gives his beloved amber.❤

Every time I use it, I get high, now it’s my favorite flavor.

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Rating: 5 out of 5 worth every ruble spent.

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