Tone compact spheres Esferas Activas (Keenwell)

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I’m not a fan of makeup, but like any girl, some makeup is still there.
So, after listening to the od of the famous Guerlain meteorites, I decided to get something similar, the benefit counterparts is now full. The choice fell on tone compact sphere from Keenwell. With this brand was already familiar, but for their care cosmetics and so decided to evaluate and decorative line.

Generally at the range of areas of 4: 3 bronze shades and one No. 4-color.

Packing: black unremarkable cardboard box with description in different languages and composition. The spheres are stored in a silver plastic jar. No sponges/powder puffs/brushes not included.

Talc, Mica, Octyldodecyl Stearoyl Stearate, ± Zinc Oxide, Zinc Stearate, Kaolin, Cl77491, Cl77891, Cl77499, Cl3360, Cl77289, Cl77742

Give the skin a shimmering glow, allowing you to create makeup in various shades. Brown balls tinted skin, Golden-give a Sunny sparkle, white-lightens and evens the tone, and the green mute redness, lilac and pink-give it a porcelain shade
What pictures there still spread with meteorites? And yeah-put all the beads by color. Use the receipt for payment of communal.

Then the idea must go Swatch, BUT I can’t “fill” areas on the brush (sinetica). Exactly. No way. I do not exclude that. here is me.

Well, you can see that the arm that slightly glitters and all.

In General I can something will advise? However I don’t like makeup that’s necessary to “tame” type will only fit the brush pile with the ass of a unicorn.

Approx. price 2000P.
A rating while not giving.

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