Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bons – perfect palette for beginners


Chocolate Bon Bons from Too Faced at the time was my first “adult” palette, the first palette, laid my huge love for shadows and eye makeup.

Actually, my favorite shade is the shade of ABH, but I am very glad that my acquaintance with the shadows began with this palette. Why do I think that it is ideal for a beginner? I’ll tell:)

Someone likes the design Too Faced, someone considers making their cosmetics too childish, but I find him sort of cute and girly — all the pink and the hearts, lovely) But this is an exceptional improvement)

Palette of metallic, magnetic lock. As expected, the shadows smell like chocolate and… Yes, they are sweet to the taste)))

Eyeshadow palette 14 little soul school, and 2 great — perfect, in my opinion: one big refil placed under a light color, which I have every fix makeup base, and the second under a light satin color that is well-suited for highlights podpolnogo space. But I this technique are rare, so most would have been happy with the shade for the crease. But that’s trivia.


The palette is decorated in neutral tones includes cool shades and warm. For those who want to experiment, there are a couple of bright colors. Here’s a basic palette with small splashes of bright colors — in my opinion, very suitable for beginners. Take a closer look?)

I won’t describe all the colors, and will only focus on the most interesting and favorite shades.

Almond Truffle is saaaaaay favorite shade from the entire palette. It’s the perfect shade for the crease, cool, with a slightly purple tint.

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Cafe Au Lait is another stunning beauty, the shade, silver satin, but with a hint of warmth beige — this shade does not require anything, it looks perfect on solo centuries.

Dark Truffle — dark brown with warm shimmer, just really nice in showing themselves in Smokey.

Sprinkles — unreal refreshing pink with Golden shimmer shade, which seemed refreshing look. Don’t know how to describe it, but this shade of eyes look fresh and rested.

Malted brown, closer to the cold range. Despite the included glitter on the eyelids, it goes matte, so I like to darken them to the outer corner of the eye.

Black Currant and Earl Grey — unexpectedly a favorite shades, although I did not expect them. Shimmery purple and gray-turquoise-green colors are very nice as a solo shade, but the best is still disclosed on a cream backing.

Now let’s go over the ranks:

What I want to say — compared to my favorite ABH pigmentation is Oh sooooo modest. But this is no disadvantage of this palette! Just because of the high pigmentation, I also think that this palette is good for a beginner. If first got my hands palette Anastasia with her frenzied pigmentation, I probably would have decided that makeup is not mine))) And I got the hang of it a fairly simple palette-candy. And very glad!

Shadows are not patnet, well layered and don’t fall off, but you have to be prepared that the makeup will be quite tender and mild, although there is a possibility and Smokey to do.

Classic with a darkened outer corner and a light satin on the movable century:

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My favorite silver satin Cafe Au Lait winner looks like alone:

And in the company with bright Totally Fetch in the crease:

Purple smoky Black Currant stuffed a finger in concealer.

A favorite combination — a base of Long Lasting Stick Eyeshadow from Kiko Milano in Forest Green hue 48, pinned Earl Grey.

In the end I want to say that I am very glad that I won this cute palettes — even though a considerable number of charts, I occasionally go back to the Chocolate Bon Bons — with her I get the most beautiful and delicate light makeup. Some mega-bright makeup with this palette to achieve heavier than with the same Anastasia, but this, I believe, plus — thanks to not too babality pigmentation it is very easy to operate even for a beginner — but that’s just my opinion:)

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