Too Faced soft and sexy eye shadow collection Boudoir Eyes


When the beauty in every detail.

Cosmetics brand Too Faced I first tried it this summer and now regret not having done it earlier. Today I want to show you a cool palette eye shadow — Boudoir Eyes, which has probably produced a hundred years this brand. This purchase was not my main goal, I bought the palette in addition to the chocolate, because I could not pass up such a cute design. And shadows, just like what I often use.

For lovers of sophisticated design palette is very pleasant to use because it does everything perfectly. How much I’m usually indifferent to external delights, but here and my heart could not stand it))) But most importantly — the content is not inferior appearance, the quality of the shadows is excellent.

The palette of metal, heavy but small in size. Packaged in a box that also included a diagram of the three options of make-up. There is a medium size mirror, but to me it is inconvenient to use. In General, all very neat, nice and soundly. It’s nice that the palette closes with a magnet that holds the cover securely but very easily opens it.

Inside the palette of nine shades. Producer groups them by three to create a make up day, classic and fashion. On the card inside the package there are diagrams of the application:

Of the nine shades, three matte, one shimmery, the rest satin. I want to note that the quality of Too Faced shadows very clearly demonstrate the matte shadows. Usually, they are harder to use: either poorly pigmented or lie unevenly, but Too Faced shadows are so rich and if they are distributed by age, I have never seen such pliable matte shadows. For comparison, Urban Decay Naked 2 Basics seem to me much worse.

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Eye shadow makeup day:

Eye shadow makeup Classic, then the first pale Golden is my favourite in the palette:

Eye shadow makeup fashion, of which I really like a medium shade, but the dark shimmery can flake off when applying:

Probably superfluous to say that I fell in love with these shadows from the first touch, but it’s true)

I’ve heard a lot about the quality and ease of use of shadows Too Faced, but now she was sure of it. They have high pigmentation, soft texture, distributed over the skin very easily and evenly from the first touch, dry lips, just once or twice. Always use a database, it hold all day, do not fade and gather in the crease of the eyelid. I think this shade will appeal to any girl, especially because the selection of shades fairly neutral.

Options make-up palette (I did not follow the recommendations of the circuits on the card, except that part):

Price — 1700 p (initial 2500 p.)

Rating is 5.

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