Trends in perfumery for 2019 in Europe, the middle East and Asia

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The company Bell Flavors & Fragrances presented their forecasts of the main trends in perfumery for 2019. Sources of inspiration to create new flavors will be undiscovered in France, the positive image of cannabis in cosmetics, and calm coral color, made color this year.

No other country represents both luxury and elegance as France, suggesting to Bell Flavors & Fragrances, therefore, the company believes that this approach will be the defining feature of flavor in 2019. Also familiar to users of the fragrances of lavender and truffles, the stage is less used in cosmetics plants – samphire (sea fennel) and oleander.

While sea fennel, in connection with its exotic character, mostly used alone, the rich aroma of the oleander mostly found in combination with other odors. For example, with notes of sparkling champagne, floral aroma turns into a harmonious combination that gives you a refreshing variety of in everyday life.

Lately, hemp has become a very popular plant from a cosmetic point of view. However, cannabis and cannabidiol well-suited for use in perfumery.

It is believed that hemp strengthens the immune system and fights against skin diseases. This product is rich in nutrients and vital substances, especially recommended for sensitive skin as it strengthens skin’s barrier, preventing moisture loss. Thus, hemp is a better basis for further development as the prevailing trend.

Another direction of development of perfumes become a luxury in everyday life. In the face of growing pressure, stress and lack of time among consumers the opportunity to pamper yourself this year will become popular. In our fast-paced world, moments of relaxation are an important commodity. The flavors help to find inner peace and time for yourself. For this purpose, suitable for both fresh and slightly spicy notes, which are also used in aromatherapy.

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Oh and don’t forget about the amazing shade of coral – Living Coral, which was the color of 2019, according to Pantone. It was his perfumers Bell Flavors & Fragrances are used as inspiration for new compositions, ranging from summer marine notes with floral and powdery notes that are perfect for cosmetics and fine fragrances.

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