Trendy hairstyles for summer season 2019 for women

Summer ideas

This year is dominated by the trend in comfort and naturalness. So you can safely put aside massive accessories and stop spending on the creation of hairstyle for several hours.

Fashion trends spring-summer 2019 tell us that the hair must be convenient, comfortable and simple. The most fashionable hairstyles are those that do not require long term installation and easy transformirovalsya. In the trend remains ultra-short haircuts, pixie, Kara, Bob. For long hair will suit cascade, Fox tail, elongated quads. But most importantly, the haircut suited its owner.

For those who loves experimenting, but not yet ready for extreme staining or ultra-short length, there is a lovely way hairstyles with shaving. You can make a beautiful pattern on the temples or neck, or just to shave whiskey. This hairstyle is easy transformirovalsya – depending on the styling, you can open or close whiskey.

In trend for several seasons, Hollywood curls. This summer, do not overuse styling products – let the curls be the most natural and slightly disheveled. Curls are good because they are suitable for everyday and for special occasion.

This summer, returns a ponytail. Many feel that it is too simple and boring hairstyle. However, there are lots of options on how to diversify – the tail can be combined with braids, you can curl the ends, use interesting accessories to draw the tail laterally.

Another trend – braids. This season is better to abandon the complex hairstyles with braided, and to give preference to the more simple options. For example, French plaits, fishtails and braids-plaits look very nice and they are easy to make.

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Still relevant bundles. This hairstyle is good because the beams have very many options. For a business lunch you can make a smooth beam, and for a party – stylish disheveled.

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