Try liquid eye shadow: NYX Eye Lid Lingerie Tint 02 Rose pearl and Lingerie Eye Lid NYX matte Tint 19 Iconic

I love eye makeup and in particular the shadows, but despite this cream products avoided. Endemic fashion on the formula already abates, and I only got to NYX Lid Lingerie. What came of it look under the cut

NYX Lingerie Eye Lid Tint 02 Rose pearl

Specifically for this shade had high hopes. I wanted to have a bright, refreshing shade with good fastness and without dancing with tambourines, in the case when you don’t know what to paint or when you do not want to overload the eye makeup. But the reality was not so rosy.

For the beginning of my eyelids: no problem (not using databases), hanging the type of “Sharpay” — Dragonica thin skin with many folds.

Packaging — plastic tube, for application, we offer applicator-sponge. In the same package produces its Nyx concealers and matte lipstick.

Shade 02 Rose pearl — classic pink gold favorite of many. To metallic texture does not hold, rather just liquid himernye the shadows.

On the consistency of the shadows are creamy moscovie. The application and feather is no more than a minute, then begins to solidify. Pigmentation is no problem — you can apply a light veil, and may be layered to the state of the cover.

The biggest problem of the shade is vitality. After about half an hour, the shadows begin to sink into the folds and firmly fixed there as then allocate (or get them otherwise out of the folds) is impossible. Tried to powder my eyelid to be worn with base or top duplicate dry shadows — nothing solves the problem.

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Mono makeup with this shade.

Lingerie Eye Lid NYX matte Tint 19 Iconic

Was purchased in addition to the previous shade — to darken crease and underline the lower eyelid.

The packaging and consistency of the identical shade Rose pearl.

Shade difficult to describe it clearly will not work. When applying a thin layer would look rather purple, and the overlaying leaves in brown. Also, the final color will depend on your own pigment the eyelids. For me, for example, the shadows look purple, brown undertone that is almost invisible.

The texture is completely matte on application and feather is a minute and a half (more than Rose pearl).

Durability is excellent — stick without the base all day without fading, creases do not fail.

Mono-makeover with a touch of Iconic

Both colors in makeup: it is seen that the Rose pearl had already gathered in the folds

Price: 500 rubles

Rating: Rose Pearl — 3. Icinic — 5

Here is an ambiguous familiarity. I admit, I had high hopes for it summernow line, but if there are all shades are unstable, then it is a failure

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