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The agonies of choice of colors, first impressions and current love)

I confess I’m a big fan of Mac, only until recently, I bought some reason the products in dry textures — I have a powder highlighter Mac, a few different blush and of course, great shadows. After many reviews (including the.) I finally decided to buy the lipstick — it was necessary, in the end, to understand, whence such delight!

From Mac at first I was confused — such an incredible range of colors and textures! Creamy, glossy, Matt, semi-Matt… What to choose? Having a great weakness for all kinds of neutral shades, I had to choose between the popular Modesty, Faux, Velvet Teddy, Twig, Viva Glam… Mac turns out to be about 40 alone nadovich shades!

I wanted to start with a matte line, but in the end went home with Faux, and I’ll tell you, that did have that backwards))

My lipstick from the line Satin lipstick, with a semi-matte finish. I think there is no need to describe the packaging of the lipstick — and all so well know how to look like their standard “bullet-shaped” boxes. Volume — 3 g, production — Canada.

The fondant is present in an unobtrusive vanilla flavor, quite nice, I hear it only during application, after — feel not quite.

Texture well-pigmented, fairly dense, and the first painting had the feeling that using a few tight. However, it was only the very first time, and with continued use leads lipstick perfectly applied smoothly and easily.

My shade – Faux (808) — beautiful, soft dusty pink with a hint of beige. The shade is very dependent on lighting, he is a true chameleon! This cool pink sun exude light beige notes in the evening light it often looks like a “your lips only better”, that is looks absolutely neutral, merging with the skin of the lips.

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After applying the lipstick leaves a delicate satin finish. Comfortable to wear, moisturizing, coverage in time looks good.

Average durability, good resistance to tea, coffee, a substantial lunch is unlikely to survive. Off the lips evenly, almost imperceptibly. The outline is not flowing, in more detail, a pencil is not needed. For me, lipstick has become universal, I like that it fits well and light makeup, and in brighter evening, for example, with Smokey.

The macro looks pretty good, but kind of dry/chapped lips can worsen so if there is a problem, the skin of the lips can be further prepared.

Macro day, in the shade and in the sun:

Common way: morning, noon, in the shade, in the sun: shade plays completely different!

Easily removed, after removing make lips don’t feel the tightness or dryness.

In short, it’s a beautiful natural shade which I think will be suitable for most images and situations. I was left in awe of the lipstick and of course, happy to gain a few instances, in both neutral and accent colours.

Rating: 5+

Price: 1480 R.

Thank you all for your time! Share your favorites for lips from Mac))

Be beautiful!


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