Two lipstick Burberry Kisses No. 89 No. 97

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Two beautiful lipsticks post today!

The Burberry lipstick I turned my attention solely due to their design. A good formula and an interesting color can be found even in the cheapest brands, but this elegant design: beautiful, discreet bottle, relief on the body of the lipstick, magnetic-click — no

The quality of lipsticks of different shades, alas, is different from each other. So I will talk about each separately.
Rose blush No. 89

The consistency of the lipstick is light, creamy. The finish line — wet, shining, shimmer in the no. This shade is very comfortable to apply, smoothes small peeling and covers the lips smooth thin layer. Not dry, not rolled, not bitter in his mouth.

Tint — gentle and calm. Changes its temperature depending on the lighting. Moreover, under the electric light it is getting colder in afternoon — warmer.

Holds lipstick up to two hours, to wash very carefully, beyond the borders of the lips comes out. Pleasant in all respects! Constantly carry a bottle with lips, Rose blush in my bag. And he was visibly worn out after 1.5 years of use.
Rating: 5
Oxblood No. 97

The texture of this shade a little more gel, but this is nice. The finish and the lack of any shimmer in the composition also utilize these shades. And the rest — they are different.
Under this shade I want to make a pencil substrate, because Oxblood is applied is not so homogeneous. If there is peeling, this lipstick will accentuate them.
In the rush to apply it evenly I can’t do it, but when you still want to walk this shade, I apply a lipstick with a very thin layer:
The Oxblood shade of the stick and swatches is a completely different story. On the lips the color is lovely. Young wine — so it can be described?
During the day, the lipstick also behaves with dignity, does not spread, but still falls less gently than Rose Blush and requires podplavleniya. Durability — up to three hours.
With all the vagaries of shade #Оxblood I love him dearly for the color. Special pleasure it brings me now in the autumn.
Rating: 3+

Country of origin: Italy
Price: 1900 RUB.

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