Two stars, bright 2 story. Make up forever Matt 5 & Bobbi Brown Creamy matte lip color Crushed plum 3

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What unites these two lipsticks?

MUFE on the left, right Bobbi

And the fact that producers who are itching to do it, took them out of production.

But I still want to show them and at the same time to ask for advice, what do you recommend is similar in color and of decent quality with similar texture, as it is limited now to the possibility of frequent visits to the cosmetic stores.

But back to the lipsticks, maybe someone is still in use, in principle, not so long ago they were removed. Interested in your opinion.

1. Bobbi Brown Creamy matte lip color Crushed plum 3.

The color bomb! Rich purple-lilac, without any admixture of Bordeaux, such as lipstick Clarins, which I have described and you can compare plum Bobby and Clarens here .

The quality is also excellent, for me it is still more of a cream than a matte. But denser than the classic cream lipstick.

The finish is cream and is printed everywhere, but in the power density satisfied persistent and not smeared. Health qualities there, but also moisturizing. The fragrance is very light, sweet, candy. This color rarely falls without bald head with the first layer, but here it is!

Minus one-do not like the stick without the cut, not very convenient to apply lipstick to them.

The coating will survive a party with drinks, snacks checked????

View the full image.

The price is already exact I do not remember, rating 5!

2. Make up forever Matt 5.

And this is all my love, knowing the withdrawal of which, I bought all the remnants of what was in store. Unfortunately, only 3.

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Sirenevato stunning lipstick hue, with a light creamy scent. The lipstick is quite dense, maybe a little to pull the skin of the lips and therefore to emphasize the peeling. Classic fragrance with light creamy notes.

In spite of the withered dullness in the title, for me it polumat in finish and texture. The resistance is quite high, make it through lunch without fatty foods.

Novalinea lipsticks does not include the same. there is a similar, but darker.Lipstick Make up forever had a part to attend to wedding make-up

The price can not remember, but a 5 rating!!!

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