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Varnishes Morgan Taylor very much, especially the creams, I have already repeatedly wrote, but I buy them very rarely. But then could not resist.

Morgan Taylor West Coast Cool

Even the name I associate with summer — sandy beach, breeze, heat, cooling shade trees, cocktails, music, dancing, smiles, happiness and lightheartedness.

This nail Polish I got everything that I lacked in the spring Laurent Kinetik Blue. Although not entirely true and correct to compare them, I’ll do it. There is a richness, character, if you will. Even charisma.

Pure blue without impurities white or green. Cream, no shimmer.

Applying as in the best tradition of Morgan — the perfect, akin to the same Disgrace. Is that specifically in the case of this instance pumped brush. For some reason it has become already and for the application need a little bit to adjust. But in General everything is OK, I again need to adjust a semicircle near the cuticle.

Varnish need 2 coats for glitter top don’t need, but for more rapid drying and durability — Yes.

Durability excellent: five working days without chips and cracks.

Morgan Taylor Give Me a Break-dance

From dance again… to dance. This time to break dance, and I think a shade bolder. Green, malachite tint, very fresh, sparkling, charismatic. This shade is just weekend.

Break dance is a little weird in texture. The first layer is translucent and freezes a matte finish. It’s very runny, but the second slightly more dense layer of well clogging everything up. The finish becomes semi-matte, so that fans of the gloss will have to cover its top. The varnish contains tiny shimmer, napodobie brand channelesque on the nails, as usual, is not visible to ordinary sight

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Brush here the usual, customary, so that problems in applying a zero. The only negative — the nail Polish dries a bit longer than usual, so drying is highly desirable. Bought no complaints: all the same from Monday to Friday without hesitation.

Be beautiful!

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