Ultraviolet Primark PS Quick Dry Nail Polish 511 Violet – the color of the year for 1 Euro :)

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Dear Kosmetiktasche,

please accept me into your ranks 🙂 for a Long time I have been a loyal but passive reader Cosmeticly, I think it’s time for me to make my small contribution.

Today I want to share with you my impressions of the PRIMARK nail Polish trend shade ultraviolet — PS Quick Dry Nail Polish 511 Violet. Year ultraviolet light (according to the Pantone Institute) is already quickly coming to an end, and I could not manage to find that perfect purple. And here’s my random discovery:
So, the hero of the post with a volume of 6 ml is in a modest bottle and it only costs 1 Euro, which by itself eliminates many thoughts. In accordance with the name of the manufacturer promises that the varnish will dry in 60 seconds.
We met with the usual creamy consistency, it is not thick and does not flow, medium size straight brush is gaining the optimal amount of lacquer. Unfortunately, one layer of lacquer lies with bald spots, so no second coat is not enough. To align layers, it is best to apply a top coating. About fast drying nail Polish and its durability on the nails can’t say anything because it always use a fast drying top coating.Despite the fact that the technical characteristics of the varnish can not be called perfect, the result on nails brought me to a complete delight. This is the, in my opinion, perfectly weighted and an intense purple color, nice eye pleasing in any light. Shade never goes in fuchsia or blue, is not perceived to be overly cold or warm. It forms a harmonious contrast with the colors of autumn nature, bringing a fresh touch to the image. And some more photos in different lighting

Summing up, we can say that the varnish is not perfect in terms of quality, but it’s pretty easy to adapt. Delightful hue, I forgive him all 🙂

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Price — 1 Euro (in German subsidiaries Primark)
Rating 4

What are your favorites among the purple varnish and which ones are in your opinion most accurately reflect the color of the year 2018 according to Pantone?

Thanks for stopping by and thanks in advance to those who share your opinion. Me on “you” 🙂

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