Unexpected trends the summer of 2018

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If you think you know everything about fashion, you could be wrong. For example, increasingly, you can see men’s manicure, in which nails are covered with colored lacquer.

Men’s manicure with colored nail Polish.
Some men get manicures, and it has long been no surprise. But some designers took a step further and suggested that the strong floor to apply a colored Polish on the nails. In social networks it is already possible to find such publications. By the way, on the streets, too.

Bright make-up… on the nose.
Color eye shadow women began to use hundreds, and even thousands of years ago. But fashion bloggers have decided to step even further and now painted on the nose. Experiment lovers adorn the nose, hearts, snowflakes, flowers. Someone even adds sequins and rhinestones.

Glow in the dark paint for hair.
If two years ago, blue and pink hair surprised people, but now the designers went even further. And invited people to weave in hair led strip. Similar to the Babes on the street you can find at night. A Hollywood stylist-colorist has even created a special paint that glows in the dark for months.

Chains for centuries.
Recently in fashion began to enter eye makeup using metal chains. Many social media users are able to evaluate the trend. However, the question about the convenience of such a design still remains open.

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