Unflattering review on Missha M Perfect Cover BB Cream No.21

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Today threw one of those punks, and decided to roll him a blazing opinion. It was difficult to photograph the product so dramatically was, and to fasoi in the frame does not climb (special thanks and a medal to designers of packaging for maximum Shine and mirroring), so you’ll have to put up with my feet in the frame, so in advance..

So, let’s begin. Who does not know this BB cream? I doubt that there are people On the site it even at least once, if not two, was in the category “best BB cream-song of the year”. Everybody loved him, everybody liked him. Here I am, impressed by a multi-page summary, decided to hire him to his staff of tonal resources. What did he do — tell you later. And yet — the most entertaining topic, “looking at packaging in a thousand and one frame”. Suddenly, who cares?

Here we have the promises of the manufacturer and General description of the funds. The cream degree of protection SPF42 and PA+++ in General, good! I have shade 21 Light Beige. If I am not mistaken, this is one of the brightest (or maybe even the lightest, can not remember) in the lineup. The product is tested by dermatologists. A free translation of the promises of the manufacturer:

This BB cream will make your skin tone smooth and natural thanks to the excellent overlap of skin imperfections. It is a multifunctional cream that blocks UV rays, whitens, and cares for wrinkles (approx. ed.: don’t know how, don’t ask), and simplifies MOCEANU RUTHIANE! While the texture of the cream makes your complexion, its formula hydrates and nourishes your skin.
Well, I got a little carried away Anyway, you all have understood — beautiful cream! Apply to face, is not in bury. A volume of 50 ml. I Bought it in March last year, at that time I paid $13.

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Hereinafter, the composition. Here, as you can see, a combination of UV filters: physical (Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide) and chemical (that is the last piece will be shorter Octinoxate), so if anyone is sensitive to chemical filters — be careful. The cream put the arbutin, which is kind of like brightens the skin. The composition of long and multiline. I do not fumble I Can only say that it was particularly difficult to photograph!

Packaging — soft tube with a pump. Cover is not eliminated, the labels are not erased. Overall looks presentable. Designers have tried to include the maximum number of shiny gold parts, so in this picture my camera and I send greetings to you all

A couple more pictures of the tube closer:

The consistency of the product is a standard BB cream. The smell srednevyrazhennymi, pleasant beauty. Unfortunately, individual notes can’t discern. After applying the cream is a bit oxidized, sits for 10 minutes. The color is quite complicated, beige-pink with a touch of gray. Not yellow.

Next, a little swatches on hand. My skin is neutral with a bias in a cold undertone. Don’t know how better to describe frankly the warm shades look terrible on me, cold generally look good, but also has friends, compared to which I look more “yellow”. Burn medium fast, but also normal tan. In short, we assume that I’m a neutral-cool. The photos below from the top I applied the cream layer thicker to see better color, and lower restorefile. Here in these photos the cream is still fresh:

And here he is dry and we have already seen the pink and grey component. The photo on the white background of the wall. As you can see, the cream adjusted to my skin tone. Given that my face is slightly darker than the hands, by the tone I have absolutely no complaints.

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Well, now the most interesting — comfort socks. You know, all the other maidens were singing odes weightless coverage, but for me the cream is lay some sticky tape. During the day, tried not to touch the face, not to get into the cream with your hands. Maybe it’s because I have oily skin prone to acne and closed comedones. At first everything seemed to be quite optimistic, but a week later I started sickly obkidyvat deep red podminkami: not just surface pimples, which are easily extruded and which appear on my face from time to time, and swollen red pridedami that are not passed on week! Yes, it gave me the opportunity to make sure that the BB cream well enough to hide all sorts of redness, but what’s the point of blemishes in order to result to a double dose of acne? Yes no. Makeup I always wash hydrophilic oil, so the problem was obviously not in a bad cleansing. Plus, before that I used a different BB cream, and everything was OK. Stopped using this cream and a half later-two weeks — and an awful podkonice finally gone, but left a bunch of closed comedones, which I’ve been treated. That is why, unfortunately, with pictures of product on the face will not.

Having read the Internets, I went to check the composition, and decided that to blame the nasty mineral oil (Yes, I was there too. And in the camp of “only organics” I was, said hi Guram alternative gifted beauty website!) As it turned out, I have no negative reaction to mineral oil. It was hardly a reaction to UV filters, because I can stand further tone and a sunscreen with octinoxate, zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. Most likely this happened due to the “super-nutritious” oil cream. A little later was actually confirmed experimentally that my skin does not like oil, but here you and jojoba oil, and rose hip, and macadamia. There are still squalane, but I haven’t decided if I like it, so I will not tell him ahead of time. In General, for me the composition, apparently, was too fat and parasubiculum. Even if I washed it normally at the end of the day, during the day, he still had time to make their dirty business on my face! So if you have a similar skin type, I would advise to refrain from buying this tool.

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As I wrote above, due to the fact that the BB cream caused a lot of podnosnikow, photo gallery tools the person will not be But who cares — can show the acne it caused. However, then I decided not to paste these pictures, not to spoil anyone’s appetite But if who wants to — add. It is a pity that it is impossible to hide them under the spoiler.

Anyway, that’s it. Thank you all who read! Just wanted to dilute the presence of only positive reviews on this BB cream and hope the information was a little useful.

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