Unicorn powder from the collection Holo Wow from Essence

Today I will tell you about my for the third meeting with the gloss from Essence in the line of Holo Wow dewy lip shine!

As probably everyone knows, just this collection of 5 shades. I have tried two scarab wings 03, 04 dragonfly shimmer. One of the five I’d first thought too warm, one was shown at the. and also not much liked. Thus, the interest left me to another one of the five shades.

Today’s hero — sparkle Holo WOW! In shade 01 Unicorn powder.

Transparent plastic packaging, the name of the shade printed on the back of the bottle, a volume of 2.3 ml. By the way, even my first glitter, purple hue, almost in daily use since the beginning of summer, reached only to the middle.

Beveled sponge, gaining Shine little need to dip it a couple of times. By the way, looking ahead, I have tried to use this gloss, applying it on a bright lipstick — sponge sooo good drags behind a shade. There is the sweet smell, taste is missing.

Shade does not look very attractive: simple pearl grey. The glitter is transparent, a bit of color to give it glitter in the composition. And Yes, not just sparkles, but the trillions of sequins 🙂 mostly pink and purple flowers. Despite this huge number, glitter on the lips is not felt.

As for the durability, without change, the Shine lasts about 1.5 hours, then the humidity goes, but the sequins remain for a very long time, and they probably completely removed only by means of make-up remover.

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Let’s look at the brilliance in business!

You may notice that the Shine of the pocket in the folds, but it is only visible at the macro. Of the lips not coming out at all.

The lips absolutely no shade this gloss gives, but shines very badly.

Oh, and for fun, I tried to apply this gloss in a pretty bright lipstick. In my case it’s matte Velvet Matte Golden Rose. Looks good, but I don’t wear.

But the comparison with glitter, about which I wrote earlier:

To sum up, the gloss is very cute and decent quality, but painfully shy. None of the existing shades did not disappoint me, but the first purple heart 🙂

Rating: 5 –

Price: about 200 rubles

And what did you like most?

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