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After Unilever released the results of its operations for the first half of 2018, the company noted that the segment of cosmetics and personal hygiene products is characterized by high sales, unlike other market sectors, whose performance does not demonstrate such positive dynamics.

The company attributes this to the innovations introduced with their current brands, as well as continuing to expand its portfolio in “attractive segments and distribution channels”.

More recently, the international producer of consumer goods announced the acquisition of 75% stake in Italian company that produces personal hygiene products Equilibra. This was followed by several acquisitions in the sector last year, for example, the brand Hourglass and beauty brand Quala Colombia.

However, financial experts note that the growth of sales in the second quarter was negatively affected by the truckers ‘ strike in Brazil, as well as the challenging competitive conditions in Europe and South-East Asia.

Dynamics of sales of premium products led to the fact that over the last six months Unilever has made significant progress in sales of personal care products and cosmetics showed growth in the first half by more than 6%.

Some of the acquisitions companies in 2017 – Carver, Sundial Brands and Schmidt –greatly strengthened its position in the market and are ready to contribute to core sales growth twelve months after the date of purchase.

If we talk about the categories of cosmetics, means on care of skin constitute the dominant sector of production especially in terms of premium goods. Especially popular are the products from Unilever to cleanse the skin. These include aerosol mousse that provides a superior touch experience and launched five brands in Europe, as well as the launch of new products Dove’s skin care in North America.

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In the sector of means on care of hair, Unilever notes that the sales growth was stimulated by the promotion of Sunsilk and Dove, which contributed to their successful expansion of the use of natural ingredients, which are now one of the trends of the beauty industry.

Deodorants returned to good sales growth, helped by the innovation of the brand Rexona, antibacterial and residue-free deodorants that provide protection from odors and stains.

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