Unilever produces napkins, deodorants and mini sprays

This week Unilever announced the release of new cloths deodorants for five brands and mini sprays for all four brands. Recently, the manufacturer of personal care products began to appear in the news thanks to its partnership with TerCycle and platform to shop without the waste Loop, where Unilever will experience reusable bottles Minum.

However, according to press materials, the new products of the company are more oriented to provide comfort to consumers than environmental issues. The press release States that “… Unilever continues to meet the changing needs of customers, expanding its portfolio by adding formats designed for life on the go”.

The convenience and attractiveness of deodorant and antiperspirant wipes were well tested on the market by brands such as Pacifica, EO, Whish (whose product contains an inhibitor of hair growth) and LA Fresh. Now Unilever is its own concept fragrances and deodorant in this segment.

New deodorizing wipes from Dove, Dove Men + Care, Degree Women, Degree Men and AXE is intended for use in the armpits, neck and chest, according to a press release. Although some of the early consumer reviews Dove mentioned that also used them for face.

“Our research shows that almost 50% of people use their deodorants several times every day – says Down Hedgepeth, CEO and Vice-President of the division of deodorants, men’s skin care and lotions for the hands and body of Unilever, in a press release. Our new deodorizing wipes are a simple to use format in order to get rid of sweat and feel refreshed. There are countless moments when these tissues can provide a new user experience – prior to training, an important meeting, during travel and even at home.”

New Unilever wipes are available in packs of 25 or 10 pieces and is now available in stores retail trade in food, drug and mass stores across the United States. These wipes from Unilever promises 24-hour protection from odor, but alternatives mini-spray 1 ounce (29 ml) according to the manufacturer, must provide 48-hour protection from odor, have a scent the most popular varieties of perfume and is suitable for use in sports or road bag.

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