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Glad to see you, connoisseurs!

Today we travel back in time to the most that neither is the time machine. Consider the just-released dust from the Christmas collection Guerlain in a charming vintage case.

Come inside, tightly close the hatch, fasten your seat belts. Go!

The collection is dedicated to the 190th anniversary of the House of Guerlain, as evidenced by the inscription on the box.

The first impression is a pleasant surprise. The case is quite heavy, such as he did in the days of our grandmothers, great-grandmothers: no recycled plastic, only metal.

Exterior design impresses with its old-fashioned. These little things are easy to imagine on the dressing table of Marie-Antoinette, or the French bourgeois aristocracy of the first half of the twentieth century in the hands of contemporaries Coco Chanel.

When I turned her in my hands… my head is spinning the word “boudoir”. It is not for cosmetics, from which it is possible to pull out on the run pripudrivania nose. It does not nose, to nose.

It is for those times when women believed that they are born for beauty. And this one is not dissuaded.

As soon as you open the lid, your nose picks up the scent of night violets. Yes, it smells like the meteorites. In the first seconds I even thought that stronger. Then I got their banks, sniffed and found: no, not stronger. But due to the fact that meteorites are applied thinner, but compact powder is typed in to the hand more tightly, the smell of violets at the time of application and socks seem richer. Another retro touch that is so dear to my heart. I remember olfactory memory that cosmetics grandmother was cosmetically more-flavorful than what we buy now.

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Powder declared as transparant/no color. In its compressed state it’s white (Oh, how I love a white powder).

Here is fingers when you try to show the density of application.

Powder claimed as matting and pinning that fully meets my feeling from using. I apply it with a small brush (it’s large and fluffy, but the result is worse), and it is excellent for delicate, under eye area or nose. Well behaved on wrinkles, smoothing them. Does not oxidize, does not change the color of the face (not smooth). It is, but it would be like there.

Show transparent powder on the face can be difficult. After all, the main plus of these products — their invisibility in the face. I will show you photos of faces without make-up (to clear the original data), a photo with a light CC cream plus Foundation powder and finally the powder in the overall makeup.

Photo without make-up (eyelashes is mascara), visible wrinkles around the eyes, rosacea on the wings of the nose, slight pigmentation — in short, everything in front of me.

Further inflicted a CC cream all over face, slightly vysvetlilas corrector under eye area, past the powder all over the face. Other action is taken.

The effect of dust in the overall makeup. The makeup was very discreet, so as not to distract attention from the face.

One day I went with powder all day, in principle, withstand, and needs no Supplement. But there were active days when I layered naslaivanija tolerates, as the application of a very thin and delicate. The skin does not dry, slightly (but very slightly) mattes. Strong matting from it should not wait.

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While preparing the post, I noticed that Guerlain despite the promise of Matt at the same time tablet powder how easy is shining. Here I do not agree: radiance, it does not. With meteorites it makes only smell, effect on skin will be different. However, in the absence of SIRENIA, skin and minor imperfections it smooths out. Overall, from dust is a very good TX, nothing to complain about and not for nothing.

But! I can not admit that a large part of the charm of this powder lies in its design. She’s the link of times, a small element of the past. Thing, and nice to use and great-granddaughter to write not ashamed. Not as an inheritance, as a stroke to the portrait of our era.

And traditionally, the information about the product:

The name is the universal matting compact powder for the face, Guerlain Ladies in all climates

Weight — 10 gr.

Production — France

Cost — unfortunately, community rules require you to specify the price. Personally, I am opposed to rate cosmetic product categories “worth the money” and “not worth the money”. I am a supporter of the approach — like (or don’t fit/don’t like), regardless of the price. If TX not satisfy Nikaia discount and low cost will not reconcile me with the product. Conversely, the highest (and considered by many to be unreasonably high) value while satisfying the product — no reason not to take it. So… full price is 11 600 RUB With all the possible Golden cards and additional discount on top of the card — 8 300 rubles.

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Rating is 5

I hope you’re not tired of such a long post, and even with lyrical otopleniya. Who read — that good!

Thank you. Inna.

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