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I wrote a series of posts about luxury Korean cosmetic brands.

Since then, my love Suite (like South Korea) has not diminished, but I started to study compositions and found very good facilities in other price categories.

Learning new tools, I noticed that most of them are on the same brands.

Finally, I’m ready to tell you about them. I wish you a pleasant reading!

Of course, if we’re talking about good composition, enough that he was just safe, otherwise the product is worthless. Therefore, in his research, I focused attention on the relative safety of the formulations and their effectiveness (the number and combination of assets, their position in the composition, etc.).

Could divide the brands that I want you to meet, in several categories:

  • Brands, focusing on the development of scientific and high-tech production.
  • Brands that use only natural ingredients.
  • Niche brands operating in a specific market segment.
  • Here just want to say that the division is very arbitrary, and almost all of these brands anyway can be attributed to each of the categories. So take this as my personal opinion with the aim of structuring information.

    To the first category. Science, technology, progressive components

    In this category I have included the brands PI.GENE, CNP, SIDMOOL.

    They all belong to different companies, but United by their high content of active substances in the composition and progressive formula.


    The picture reflects the inaccessibility of ideal beauty, which is sought by the PI.GENE

    This is a relatively new premium brand, therefore the most mysterious.

    Belongs to the South Korean concern Pion-Tech, which specializiruetsya on research in bionanotechnology.

    Their approach is to combine high quality raw materials and totally new manufacturing technologies that make familiar ingredients work on absolutely new high level.

    Development connected, primarily, with the improvement of transdermal penetration of active substances (those liposomes), and using a new ultra efficient components (VOLUFILINE, amino acids, oligopeptides and other).

    I, unfortunately, nothing is yet tried them, but my wish-list hanging their 100%hit PI.GENE Volume Tox Original Peptide Essence.

    The design reminds me of spaceships

    Essence is about$ 100, and she’s got a great composition (and unusual method of application).

    Active ingredients extract of root Anemarrhena Asphodeloides (source of volufiline), peptides, ceramides and amino acids.

    The essence of foam, as well as popular today cleansing mask. In the process of bubbling nanoparticles essences penetrate the skin and deliver to the active ingredients.

    So far, the brand is little known and therefore difficult to access, I hope with time this will change.

    Their products can be interesting for those who want to try something completely new and willing to pay a round sum.

    CNP Laboratory

    Originally, CNP was the South Korean network of dermatological clinics with your own cosmetics the subsequent rehabilitation care.

    Their positive experience was the inspiration for founding his own clinical laboratory with the aim of studying and developing new dermatological cosmetics. Now the company is based in Singapore.

    CNP adhere to a purely scientific approach to cosmetics. The compositions differ in the chemical “purity”, they have little to complain about.

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    In the same way as many brands in my list, CNP focus on cosmetics suitable for sensitive skin. Moreover, their funds are designed to help treat serious skin diseases such as acne, atopic dermatitis, excessive dryness and other. Dermatological high-quality raw materials for the products are prepared in our own laboratory.

    About one of their hits — Laboratory CNP Invisible Peeling Booster , as I wrote here not long ago.

    Besides him, I still very much want to try them, the compositions are impressive!

    For example, CNP Laboratory TV ZONE CARE FINISHER (average price of 25 $ for 30 ml).

    Of assets: azelaic acid 2, gluconolactone, lactobionic acid, madecassoside.

    Cosmetics CNP will appeal to people with sensitive and problem skin, fans of acid cosmetics.


    Founded in 2006, the brand positions itself as “green”, is proof of their website, and the compositions they are quite natural.

    However, I took it to a different category because one of the few in Asia, they produce agents with compositions, which contain assets in high concentrations. For example, in Asia it is not customary to sell harsh products with concentration above 5% for domestic use.

    And SIDMOOL, for example, there is a remedy: SIDMOOL Dr.Troub Milk Peel, it contains 20% concentration of lactic acid.

    45% is the concentration of the extract of the bark of the mulberry tree

    They also have products with a high content of vitamin C, retinol and new components like volufiline, which I mentioned above, astaxanthin and others.

    In my wish list most products SIDMOOL, their products are of great interest to me as compositions, and focus on solving specific problems.

    In addition I personally am very impressed with their policy on preservation of the environment, the rejection of animal testing.

    Cosmetics SIDMOOL will interest those who are looking for funds with a high content of active components to solve different problems.

    By the way, they also release a small amount of makeup with skin care properties. For example, they have a lipstick with volufiline.

    The second category. “Green” cosmetics

    This category consists of brands with compositions closest to all-natural.

    Papa Recipe

    Another young brand (founded in 2012), which became a full-fledged production of a personal need to provide for his family the best.

    A very responsible father, a chemist by training, has independently developed the formula of cosmetic oils for the care of atopic skin of his newborn daughter. The development was very successful, and the scientist decided to take makeup more seriously and started developing for other ages and needs of the skin.

    Cosmetics Papa Recipe personally, I have is associated with in the village during summer, with warm Sunny days and blooms in the winter. It is very cozy, they have a design, and its contemplation gives warmth.

    In addition to a pleasant design cosmetics full of interesting components and, again, is environmentally friendly production.

    The brand concept is to first and foremost not to harm the skin. Slowly acting on it to change the skin for the better.

    One of their hits — Papa Recipe Bombee Honey Mask Pack Whitening — in addition to honey extract, Royal jelly and propolis contains Niacinamide (3) and liquorice extract.

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    Costs about $ 20 for 10 pieces.

    In addition to leaving Papa Recipe is and dekorativka too, with nice compositions by the way.

    For himself noted (and going in the near future to try) a line for problem skin with an extract of eggplant and rutin.

    Manyo Factory

    This is a very young brand that has won within a short time the love of many consumers. The brand was founded in 2012, the title compound, Manyo translated from Korean means “witch”, and together it sounds something like “magical production”. The manufacturer stresses that their cosmetics belongs to a special class of natural cosmetics (organic) and complies with international quality standard COSMOS-standard.

    Organic cosmetics is cosmetics, which is composed of ingredients, grown and collected in ecologically clean environment, processed and packaged using technologies that are completely safe for human health and do not harm the environment

    Very convenient that the company has a Russian site, where you can read more about requirements that meets their cosmetic, private I want to note that it is not tested on animals, the composition has at least 95% natural ingredients and all packaging is biodegradable.

    It is evident that the manufacturer very carefully in choosing ingredients?

    In addition to their ecological Manyo Factory also took care of their compatibility, choosing such groups ingov who work with specific problems.

    They have a lot of lines means that suit different ages and needs.


    This is a budget spokesman for the greens cosmetics, a subsidiary of the brand Tony Moly.

    He holds a very clear position about natural cosmetics and draws consumers ‘ attention to the fact that even 1% natural ingredients in the cosmetics allows the brand to call your makeup natural.

    PURITO is emphatically not looking for the beautiful packaging and do not attract celebrities to advertise their products.

    Their compositions have a 100% green level of security according to the EWG. They guarantee us that their cosmetics will never contain ingredients from a list of 20 and 26 allergic harmful components.

    In fact, the compositions are quite simple, but not empty.

    I really liked their BB cream with mucin and Niacinamide.

    Their hit PURITO Centella Green Level Buffet Serum — serum with peptide complex based on Centella asiatica extract.

    Costs around 21$ for 60 ml.

    Make a note of the brand attention, if you are looking for affordable natural cosmetics with active ingredients.

    The third category. “It’s important for us to do good to those who appreciate us”

    Here will tell about the brands that for some reason did not become widely distribute its products, but which definitely deserve everyone’s attention.


    I don’t know why this brand has decided to give up mass production, however, it fell into this category.

    Goodal cosmetics I’ve tried is enough, and this brand is definitely one of my favorites.

    Goodal is part of the concern CLIOCLUB, the main brand of which Clio, who proudly wears the title glamorous favorite rich girls.

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    Prices on cosmetics Goodal, however, much lower than the Clio, especially that the first produce only the care, and the second focusing on dekorativku.

    A hit of the brand can be called Goodal whitening serum, vita c serum dark spot price of about$ 20 per 30 ml.

    It is believed that it is well lightens the problematic spots on the face, but I used it on the entire face, and it greatly lightens the overall tone.

    Overall considering the brand, I would say that their cosmetics with an emphasis on whitening and moisturizing.

    They are not super natural, but safe, formulations of active components.

    To find them, by the way, is not as difficult as Swanicoco, but much is often not available.


    This is not a very famous brand owned by the giant Amorepacific and specializiruetsya on products for dry and sensitive skin.

    At the heart of their cosmetics innovative encapsulation technology ceramides for even more moisturizing in the deeper layers.

    I have oily skin than me might be interested in this brand?

    It’s simple: the skin on my body, on the contrary, dry, and they have a very wide range of products from body wash to fully care for him.

    So, they are full of the most mild cleansers for the body, not Deplete the natural lipid barrier and keep skin hydrated after washing.

    For example, ILLIYOON Ceramide Ato 6.0 Top To Toe Wash — wash from top to toe literally has a physiological PH and moisturizing formula. Costs an average of$ 18 for 500 ml.

    In addition to careful attitude to the skin, the manufacturer has invested in its cosmetics extracts of Korean medicinal plants, the active ingredients like Niacinamide, ceramides and volufiline.

    I highly recommend to look at people with dry/atopic skin.


    SWANICOCO as the company appeared only in 2010, before its founder self-made cosmetics for his family, whose members had atopic skin, and which did not fit the usual cosmetics.

    Later, its products are used more and more in demand, and a hobby turned into a business.

    Despite the fact that SWANICOCO quite a small company with a small turnover, their cosmetics are of high quality and in demand in different parts of the world.

    The compositions of natural, furthermore, they are very well balanced as I enter ingredients and on their compatibility.

    My favorites whitening serum Whitening Ampoule SWANICOCO Revol.

    The average price of $ 80, whey-based fermented plant with the addition of Niacinamide, peptides, and vitamin C for skin whitening, alignment, tone and getting rid of age spots.

    If you like truly effective means to care, and you do not bother to seek ways of purchasing them, I recommend to try their makeup.

    That’s all. Really brands very much new and not really, I told only about the most interesting, in my opinion.

    Are you familiar with these brands, I tried something from them that interested?

    Thank you for your attention! ????

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