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In my blog this is not the first post about lipstick Lime crime Velvetines, I am a fan of these textures and most of all my shades were red or just bright. Today I show not quite my usual colors, will talk about the nuances of application and with a look they are me or not contact with these shades. Went…

Matte lipstick Lime crime Velvetines Suedeberry shade

As always will try, briefly and clearly.

Hard plastic beautiful, strong and the roses are not erased.

The applicator felt comfortable, inflexible, inflict on the contour is easily.

A touch unusual, I don’t know how to describe it, to make it clear. It is so hard to describe and similarly to remove reliably. It’s orange, but not warm, he’s clearly a cool note coral. In different lighting it is totally different: in bright daylight is more neon coral with shimmer in the lamp light he leaves in orange-red.

Only nesliving matte.

Here when applying this shade the most whimsical of all that I have. It seems to be applied well, but sometimes plesivec, apply a thin layer and passing the applicator through the places where there are no painted areas. And especially not to bother, but there are nuances. If we consider the direct in the macro, the mucosa is not uniform.

In a General way much better and this shade looks beautiful when the eye makeup absolutely zero. I sat down to write a post and make a photo with the eye makeup, but I think that in life I will wear it with a smooth complexion, blush and a bare eye. There is some kind of inoplanetnoe appearance.

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And yet RIANovosti lipstick my camera does not want to catch. But of all my velvetine, this lipstick is the most ambiguous and wear it exactly in the mood, repeat would not, but as a rare shade I must have. Wanted to sell, but began to take pictures and immediately changed his mind.

Matte lipstick Lime crime Velvetines shade Polly

The case is the same applicator as well.Look at the color on the applicator.

But the way I see it for myself.

This is the same complex tone, which is to catch fairly difficult. I would call it lilac-purple. By far the coldest. In the same way in different lighting it looks different. I tried to show him as he could.

This shade applied absolutely smooth, no bare spots, and be ready.

Photos were made with the same camera settings, turned at the window in the daylight as I could, and tried to show him different, then one window, then another.

I don’t know about you, but I like Polly in combination with my warm appearance. Although when I just opened it and saw, I thought that the 100% shade is not mine.

There are more temnyim vyglyadelo more purple

About the durability of these lipsticks, my opinion is the same, and left– they are persistent, can be erased from the mucous membrane, touch up with a thin layer is quite possible. Polly is generally a hassle-free shade, Suedeberry but with the character, but the tone is interesting, though not everyone will go. For myself, I’m just not sure Suedeberry me.

What do you think? Side sometimes know better, there are hints or not.

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Thanks for reading.

Julia PS

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