Updated anti-aging line is Dior Capture Totale Cell Energy 2020 Winter now!


Have Dior released an updated anti-aging line Capture Totale Cell Energy. The main task of all tools that it includes, is to increase the energy potential of skin stem cells. The loss of energy reduces their capacity to recover, resulting in signs of aging. Therefore, scientists have developed a unique flower complex, is able to increase energy production by mitochondria. The structure of this complex includes four species of flower extracts — longoz (he was a key component of the previous line), Chinese peony, Jasmine and white lilies. As shown by spectral analysis, all these plants activate the maximum number of proteins compared to other plants. So the updated line has a pronounced rejuvenating and renewing the effect. Besides, now she contains 91% natural ingredients (and earlier consisted of only 46%). The line includes 5 medium (in Russia there are still only 4): lotion, serum, cream for face, cream for the skin around the eyes and cleanser.

Read more about all the funds from this line I wrote here.

Availability: now available in iledebeaute.ru, sephora.ru, rivegauche.ru

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Updated anti-aging line is Dior Capture Totale Cell Energy 2020 Winter

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