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Beloved in the past, the brand Shiseido recently very little had pleased us, fans. Is that in the past year, a marked release of shadows and eyeliners in jars with interesting curved brush. And all, and then again passed into Oblivion to be reborn a Phoenix. Yes not easy, but very loud, replacing a whole range of decorative cosmetics.

While flashed the promo, I made myself a little vish sheet and sat, waiting for January, when the originally announced the release in Russia. Until I saw it online in our networks at the beginning of November (live stands at the moment, but I certainly wanted to be one of the first)) ). Of course, first and foremost, I wanted the shade (as a tribute to the former love the brand), but online they at that time were not. And unexpectedly took those products with which they previously did not know — lipstick and liner (kajal). With lipsticks to reincarnation I could not make friends or in a line couldn’t find your color, so have safely stayed on the “dry” products — shadows, powders, blush, luminizer.

The new packaging is beyond cool. Stylish black cardboard, clear faces, bright red stripe. Lipstick still somehow additionally Packed in a wrapper, sealed on all sides.

Items enchant:

After some hesitation about the color Kayala I chose dark green, something I’m in love with this color this season. But over the shade of lipstick I had to break down. Swatches in the network, as you know, very little. And we had to take the standard red (which the word, too few), but I like that less visible, versatile, with a cold undertone to wear both products together. But it seemed all lies, and with the shade of lipstick I really missed. In fact it was a little darker and decently warm.

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Here’s how both look together:

The texture is fabulous… Kajal applied as the liner and feathered as shadows:

Shiseido VisionAiry Gel Lipstick 203 Rose Night

Petite turned the lipstick tube. Made of very nice and quality plastic. At the end of the cap — the logo of the brand.

Stick round, beveled. I don’t really like including lipstick, with the contour have to adapt, I’m more impressed by the sticky droplets, but I have no one when you create a did not ask (and sorry))) ), and most of my lipsticks are))

Expectations — the texture looks creamy, should give full coverage from the first.

Color — warm (!) tea rose terracotta with a clear note. To me this would be good with warm skin.

When applying all the apparent removesthe lipstick disappears and a feeling that I apply the oil. Tender that melts away at the touch. Only give this gel lipstick that is the name of the product pays for from the first seconds. The color comes from dense, overlapping native pigment lip at times. On swatches on the hands and on the lips of Night Rose goes warmer than it is in the stick.

The finish of the lipstick is semi-matte. Warm and even more creamy with a slight Shine (what I have pictured below). But in the cold (it’s bloody winter(( ) texture becomes moussavou consistency and looks and feels matte. The lips are dry, so you can safely walk for hours in nature, the lip will remain in his usual state.

Shiseido VisionAiry Gel Lipstick 203 Rose Night relatively stable. A few hours in her uneasy, lipstick will not migrate, does not gather in folds. Quietly experiencing a Cup of tea and a small snack.

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By the way, the lipstick is quite a decent rate, anyway, my. A few applications left a couple of millimeters, I usually it takes a couple of months more or less permanent use, and then three weeks later. But overall, it’s not a bad thing. In our beauty-maniac the number of lipsticks it’s even a plus))

In short, a decent copy, I’m aiming for another 3 shades.

Shiseido VisionAiry Gel Lipstick 203 Night Rose on the lips. The circuit is outlined for her.

And in a General way. Confused at first what shade to pick her a few, ve somehow awkward looking. But I decided — when I do not know what to paint — take the Honeymoon.

Shiseido Kajal InkArtist 06 Birodo Green

I know all sorts of eyeliners? Need more? Oh yeah, and the bigger the better (Oh, by the way, I recently came such a beautiful eyeliner from the Christmas Santiki that I can’t stop looking at it!) Mmm, so.

Eyeliner from Shiseido, I tried only once, the last year’s release. This, of course, cool, respect with respect, and all similar epithets. Because the product is really cool. Shiseido Kajal InkArtist it’s still something different. It is a multifunctional product that works as an eyeliner and as a shadow, and as kajal and as a eyebrow pencil. In General, as you want.

Here in design all over easy and does not cause such delight as other products. The plastic quality is easier — something between ArtDeco and Chanel.

Consists of two parts — the stick and at the bottom is a soft sponge, which allows to blend the product into the haze. And to do this it is better to have the native tool. Their hands get more dirty. Well, at least for me=)

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I wear Shiseido Kajal InkArtist 06 Birodo Green it as a liner. With these he copes beautifully. Pointed tip, medium thickness, it is able to display all sorts of fine tails. Oh, by the way, I do it напомнилStylo Chanel autumn start this year.

Easily applied to any shade, dry and creamy. Not to say that direct slip, but the line is easy and intensely from the first light touch. Layering is not necessary, but it is important to carefully consider migracyjne space for a shade of dark spaces and it will look sloppy. The product solidifies immediately, there is time to correct the arrow, or smudge it as shadow. Not rolled, does not tarnish, not imprinted. Easily washed off by any means make-up remover, water — no.

In the wishlist there is another color. The other seemed very simple. Waiting for Limito!))

Shiseido Kajal InkArtist 06 Birodo Green as the arrow and Kayala. Oh, by the way, rests on the mucosa excellent, didn’t vanish.

Have you tried something from the updated line? Like what? What do you want?

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