Updated tone Clarins Skin Illusion SPF 15 in shade 105 (nude)

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Exactly a week after black Friday, but while in a well-known network was still generous discounts, I bought just brought to our city an updated concealer from Clarins. Under the cut are my impressions of the product.

Disclaimer: this is my first post on the Foundation, and he gave to me very hardly and my skin is far from ideal, but in the past I’ve struggled with acne, and people in focus considering my face (with the exception of family and beauticians), caused horrible discomfort. Here I voluntary put their face to an unlimited circle of people. Plus my photography skills are even more far from ideal, and in 9 cases out of 10 in the photo my skin looks Pinker usual, and sometimes do not realize that the skin a yellowish undertone. I really tried and did everything I could to make the review was good and accurate.

So, not so long ago, Clarins has updated its line of creams and Skin Illusion natural hydrating foundation came to our city last.

In January of this year I went to the classroom, “makeup for yourself” and there I tried the old version, in a bottle with dispenser-pump, and was pleased, despite the atypical for me as the owner of oily skin texture. However, last winter my skin was atypical situation: due to problems with the hormones it has become dry and not look like a fatty from the word “all”.

This winter I decided not only to review the skin care (I used winter heavier creams from time to time, but now I have decided to enter them at night on a regular basis), but the choice Foundation. Skin Illusion caught my attention ahead of black Friday, but it turned out that on 23 November it was not delivered to us. I even thought that this was done deliberately, as a means popular, and there are too many wanting to buy it with 50% discount, but in the middle of next week, he has hit the shelves.

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The store consultant assured me that the color palette has not changed, only supplemented by intermediate shades, so I left the store, as originally planned, with a hint of 105, but for decency potentila on hand. I was sure that lighter 105го I don’t need, but tried darker (I was offered 108.3), but the tone was already a bit dark, and by the middle of the winter and washed away the remains of my not very thick Siberian sun.

I’ll start with the boxes. I don’t have the weakness and rarely photograph them, but I’m pretty amused:

Perfect for people with nearsightedness who do not have their glasses, or for the paranoid who are afraid that they slipped the wrong color of Foundation

Sorry, can’t really compare the tone with the previous version, as I used it once, but I can say for sure that the perfume remains unchanged! Moreover, matting my tone Ever matte “prempreeda” version is also smelled also! Personally, I really like this fragrance! Reminiscent of something floral, but not sweet. However, for someone flavor will be less, I’m just a fan of fragrances in cosmetics.

The bottle with the already hackneyed pipette:

Inside something like a limiter, but, as seen in the photo above, the pipette is still tone:

The famous tones Catrice inside such a thing, but, in my opinion, better


Your skin in an imperfect state, but moisturizing properties is what you needthe Texture is liquid, but not water, so I only dropped a couple of times to drop byShade because I have yellow undertone skin

That is, in fact, moisturizing properties in action:

As we can see, not peeling stresses, moreover, even smooths out.

I have oily skin, and the vast majority of my creams matting and/or sustainable, and I like this texture are not used: your skin is always drier skin, so the tone arm in the best case just don’t go dry, and SI formed as a hand cream such a good portion of moisture, a very pleasant feeling!

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Alarm! Remove from the screens of people with fragile psyche!

Without makeup:

“Why do you wear it? And so beautiful!” (C) mom

With the tone (applied with a damp sponge-egg):

With the tone, the concealer only under the eyesthen why is the light warmer, same room, same weather, I don’t know how it works, but may also be because of your color then it seems arachnee

And now closer:

Small pimples not overlap, but not promised

You may notice that the tone is not very well laid on the wings of the nose and in the crease underneath, but for me the nose is the problem, the pores on the nose clogged just a week after a visit to the beautician.

The rest of the cream for its texture and purpose very good. He did not fail in baggy pores, and really discreet (assuming a thin coating).

The finish line alive, Nematova, for me personally, a bit unusual.

Still a little color in close proximity toFarther away from the window

There is already a powder (and lipstick):

Transparent powder MAC Prep + Prime, so as not to distort the tone ofAnother photo with a warmer light

When applying a thick layer with a brush:

That is, in principle, minor imperfections to cover them, but then the coating itself becomes more noticeable.

The overall image with a dense application:

No shimmer; lights and makes its way through the powder

Hydration of the skin

I may not be able to appreciate this property in value, but to say that the start using the cream coincided with the beginning of 30градусных frosts in our area, and (combined with thick cream at night) I managed to avoid flaking of the skin. One cold day I noticed a small “peel” on the cheek, just stared at myself in the mirror at lunch time, that is, the tone is not emphasized.

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Comfortable cream is applied and laid on the skin.

In this section, it is necessary to mention that the composition of about 12% alcohol, which was a complete surprise to me. I avoid alcohol in tonics and face creams, so I’m not sure I would take this tone if you would have seen the warning on the label with Russian abstract. I have not felt the negative impact on the skin, quite possibly, the alcohol formula evaporates quickly and does not harm the skin, but for someone such a composition may be unacceptable.


In terms of Shine face I look like a Sith and all erected in the absolute, and therefore difficult for me to track the moment when the healthy, radiant skin goes into oily sheen, but in the afternoon does not occur in the mad desire to get baked, but by the end of the day you still have to get powder at least once.

Looks decent on the face around 8 hours, then crawls away from her nose.

For me was a pleasant surprise that the tone does not stain the screen of the smartphone, I have even printed some sustainable Foundation.


Good tone to the skin without major problems. I liked it, but my skin is still kind of light, not covers redness and slight imperfections and is not suitable for me in the warmer time of the year. Although for daytime makeup in the company of concealer is a good option. Or you can try with a green base, it is necessary to finally buy it)

I bought with a generous discount for the full cost (3300 rubles) is unlikely to be taken.

1650₽цена9/10оценка1 week, 7P/nudeleisaibens skin Type: Oily skin

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