Urban Decay Hi-Fi Cushion Ultra Shine Lip Gloss #Snapped

Don’t remember exactly when released line of glosses Hi-Fi Cushion Ultra Shine Lip Gloss, I think, in late summer-early autumn. I immediately desired out Shine, and best of five. 😅

But in the spring of ‘ 18, I needed blencowe texture, and I bought a lot of similar products, therefore said inner bucholic that we choose to start with one color and buy it in that case, if you do not Rachamim for a few months. Sometimes I’m singularly responsible.

In corner I prudently didn’t go – I’m not sure that my firmness would have survived the experience, but the strength of my faith in Urban Decay almost limitless – love this brand, although not all of their products I was happy. But lipstick favorite.

All of this background to ensure that all felt the depth of my disappointment.

I watched okolorotova shades, but I bought a purple (that’s me).😆

I’ll start, as usual, with the packaging. Bottle streamlined shape, plastic. Light part like the metal, collects fingerprints, but in moderation, and on the surface they are not very noticeable.

And here’s my first complaint: the bezel on the sides is plastic, the bottle, and the top stripe paint. Apparently, in order to create a uniform border around the perimeter. The paint’s peeling. And I still have this gloss in the box!

Accidentally knocked a batch code with a nail? Abandon all hope to disassemble it (and Butch on the box, which roams all purses and bags, has long become memories).

In General, of course, a trifle, but the print quality in places is poor.

The sponge – hairy shoulder, very soft, flexible. Shine on the side faces not doda dispenser, but this does not prevent application of gloss to the center of the sponge is enough for the application.

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I couldn’t resist the color #Snapped is a holographic deep plum with blue shimmer. It’s really not so much the purple (blue), how much plum (without brown’s notes) translucent gloss with lots of shimmer. Write that it’s blue, but I see, rather, Teal, blue-green. In the bottle it’s just an extravaganza of color and trichromacy – depending on the angle of light you see an intense purple color, turquoise, fuchsia.

Shimmer – mica slices. Very small, not scratched.

On the lips she understood. If you are not too strict dress code, it is possible to wear to work. Such colour change is also not observed, but shimmer can look more blue/purple/almost turquoise.

The smell and taste was toothpaste. Mint, the lips are a bit cold and tingly (much less a Maximizer), there is sweet flavor but not cloying, namely at the level of toothpaste. This is an acceptable option for me sweets lip products, even without it, it would be even better.

And now serious shortcomings. A month and a half I managed to tame the Shine, but it just had to tame.

What not to do with glitter:

  • apply glitter more than one thin layer. This was the first shock and disappointment, because I love just dense coating. Why? he gets off in lumps on mucosa and rushes into mouth. It would be better with white stripes roll, honestly, because if you apply two coats of gloss, then after fifteen minutes you have the feeling that the mount Everest and Chogori (mountains, mountains!) gathered in the way, and you physically feel as they cross the plain of your mouth and cross the ridge of the teeth. Very, very unpleasant feeling. Involuntarily rubbing and licking their lips, exposing the Central part at the closing of your lips, your lips begin to feel dry.
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  • apply to dry lips (it’s not about peeling, just dry on the surface of the lips without coating/residue thereof). And because, even if we put the glitter in a thin layer, try not to touch the mucosa, still starts the migration of luster in the mouth. A thin layer no agglutination Shine, but it feels rough. Because shimmer on the surface of the lips I feel absolutely, I suspect that he still strays islets just don’t know the company of three sequins. The result is the same – the center of the lips without Shine all dries, I want to spread more. But it is impossible;
  • to wear in cold weather. I always say that don’t scare me sticky and thick glosses, on the contrary, I love it. In the cold this gloss gets thicker and becomes unpleasantly sticky, glues the lips. About -20°C I had a feeling that it is almost a glue stick on his lips.

The solution? I put glitter on the lips after the balm or apply on the middle of the other lip gloss/lip butter. Wear the Shine in a single layer, despite the fact that I want extravaganza, plum and inane (not covered). Try not to lick your lips and not to redistribute the glitter of friction (very uncomfortable). In General, worn with the lips as with crystal shoes. Only then can the Shine you can use (but honestly, not too desirable).

More important: those who wait on the glitter shimmer in the gloss, then no, it’s not here. It’s not matte, of course, on the lips, but smooth surface, three-dimensional brilliant coverage, no. 😑

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Swatch in daylight (bottom-up): in one and in two layers.

A comparison with Catrice Prisma Lip Glaze #060 Beetle Juice.

On the lips of 1.25 layer (a deadly number: the contents of one sponge and a bit).

In the back of the room.

Care to Shine there. I’m not in a morbid exaltation, but it sure is moisturizing, softening and protecting the lips are present.

I would like to say that cheap Shine this behavior would be forgivable, but no cheap glitter, I would just throw away. And here I try to wear, but the arm to it absolutely not lasts. Buying Shine up to 6 times higher Katris, I hoped that it will be at least at the level of katris (but in a good-6 times better!)), but these dances with a tambourine around 27$ at the current rate – totally unacceptable option.

Sometimes I think to try a lip gloss from the same series, only glossy, no shimmer, it doesn’t have to get off in clumps and migrate. But at the moment more likely I’ll buy lip gloss from a different company, although I will not renounce. Really really want to justify in their own eyes Urban Decay.

Price: 1800 rubles.


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