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I wasn’t going to buy this palette. After many videos and look at swatches decided that I don’t need it. Exactly. But last Friday, in a moment of boredom, I made the mistake of checking the official website UD, the next five minutes in a daze, and that’s in the mail already email confirmation of the order.

All weekend I have myself a bonfire of all the known words, confident that this cherry I don’t like. Fortunately, I was wrong. How I love a spontaneous purchase!

Let’s look at the product details.

The design of it is very tasty. If Naked Heat had only to regret that cover is not as attractive as the inner liner, no complaints here. Deep cherry color and gradient from the berries excite the senses.

Cardboard box repeats the pattern on the cover, just added a photo of the shadows (as is often the case, quite far from reality).

On the back of the box familiar the Nightingale warbling in the address of the palette. The color is magical, and this one, but from the fact you all will fall!

The composition for those interested inthe Back of the palette

And here waiting is not the most pleasant surprise. The weight of the refil — 1.1 g vs 1.3 in the same Naked Heat. Given that shadows much dust (MUCH), they will end the frequent use rather quickly. Greed, bad feeling, Urban Decay!

But the brush makes me forget about the frustration. She is gorgeous! Make-up that will lower 2/3 done with it. The side of the pencil is quite hard, but it works on the lower eyelid, but the barrel is amazing. No, really, when they are painted, feeling that the makeup you make soft cat paws. Tusuet shadows to zero, and they gain the best of this party. 5 with a million pluses!

The mirror is also five, but without enthusiasm. Good, does not distort, thanks to the lid that opens 180 degrees and hold in any position, it is working. It was closed film.

I will say again about the already mentioned drawback of all shades of dust. Pretty much (some do so shamelessly). In General, the formula I like less than, for example, Naked Heat. This does not apply to Caution, the feelz, Juicy and Drunk Dial them in this respect, no complaints. Most of all I was unpleasantly surprised himernye shades, all but Drunk Dial, a brush is not really typed. Adequately applied with your fingers, preferably on the sticky base.

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So Swatch all the shades, except for the first four matte, made it finger. Top bare skin, bottom base Catrice Prime and fine.

I pretty much grumbled, but now praise. The colors are very beautiful, really reminiscent of cherry. I was afraid that the overall gamma will be wrong. Many have said it’s more of a plum or grapes — don’t know, as for me, cherry is viewed over.

Now on each color separately. The first two were left without Swatch on the eyes, because they were not seen.

Hot Spot and Caution

Hot Spot is my favorite shade of century for alignment and blending. Exactly as light with a pink undertone. But how it is dusty! Even with careful recruitment of native brush. Dust is flying everywhere from him, she falls asleep the palette and when applied to the eye before them spreads the misty cloud. Under the eye does not fray, no, but still this is not the case. But the shading helps perfectly. Closing his eyes and gritting his teeth put 4-/5

Caution — but with him, no problem. Light beige shade, dusty tolerable, not more than usual. In the shading a good helper. 5/5

It may seem that the two light shade for alignment and blending to anything, but I’m honestly very happy with both. Because of the different potona they are, though, really invisible on the eyelid, will be of great help in the looks: the first cool pink, the second in warm brown. I’m usually in palettes like that is not enough, but certainly not for everybody.

Bang Bang peach metallic. It is applied with difficulty, even with your fingers. Falls to pieces, disappears somewhere, leaving behind only a trail of sparkles. Want to try it on the sticky base in the arrow, but at first glance, the role of shadows on the lower eyelid and the inner corner of a 2.5/5

Bang Bang

The feelz — pinkish-beige. It’s an amazing feeling when expecting something more purple, but in the end was satisfied that expectations have been deceived. Very good in the crease, Blendable like a dream, lies flat on the base that no, just coffee in bed brings. Unconditional 5/5

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The feelz

Juicy — fellow the feelz, only he’s more pink-orange. Nice color of the salmon is also great in the crease in warmer makeup. 5/5


Turn on — Golden pink metallic. The characteristics are much better than Bang Bang. When applying with your finger is naughty, gives a smooth radiant finish, provides the effect of wet century. That would a brush be able to gain… 4,5/5

Turn on

Ambitious red with a pinkish undertone. In TX similar to Turn on, perfect and smooth call will not work, but dealing with it pretty easily. I do not really like color, so here is a 3.5/5


Bing pink. When doing a Swatch on the hand, was upset with a brush he applied didn’t have plesivec and was a far better representative urbanites brethren. But it was worth a try his eyes, and everything turned on its head. It’s some kind of magic, not otherwise. I understand that the shadows are not for the smearing of the hands and feet, but for such a phenomenal difference in application I found for the first time. No problem scored flat fluffy brush, and after thirty seconds, the Swatch was ready. No bald head, no spots, no problems with pigmentation. 5/5


Devilish — color, for which I bought the same palette for who suffered the most. Cherry. Here it is. Delicious, vinous, rich. The same deceiver, like Bing, as well misbehave on hand and thought better of it, it was worth to bring the brush to the eyelid. He really is the devil, with him involuntarily feel a woman. The color of the corsets are designed to look the man she loved. 5/5


Young love — red-rose metallic. Applied too exclusively with my fingers here miracle, as with the previous two shades, did not happen. Not very sticky database plesivec, swatches seen on the sticky to apply, in General, no problem. The color is beautiful, but not enough to close my eyes on cons. 4/5

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Young love

Drunk Dial — in calls if the intoxication was as pleasant as the shade, the world would be much better 🙂 Maroon-brown metallic. Creamy. Soft. Obedient, brush is typed in as cheerful as a finger. A little flaking, but okay. Want soon to try it solo, I think Smokey will turn out spectacular. 5/5

Drunk Dial

Privacy brown with a Burgundy undertone. To darken, to milesnick, dark, autumn, Smokey, in the end. Quite soft, Blendable bad, but without enthusiasm. In this palette it is in place, that’s for sure. It is even possible for eyebrows to use, why not? Rezinki it is not observed. 5-/5


And a few make-UPS.

In the crease of the feelz and Devilish, at the moving Young love and the Drunk Dial, in the internal corner — Bang Bang, on the lower eyelid Bing

In the crease and on the lower Juicy and Privacy, on a movable Ambitious, in the midst of the rolling Turn on

Shared a half-hearted way 🙂

In the crease of the feelz and Bing, on a movable century Young love, in the inner corner and on the lower eyelid Bang Bang

Everywhere Devilish 🙂 a Little Privacy in the outer area, the inner — Juicy

What is the result? You know, I exhaled with relief. Naked Cherry is far from perfect, and I’m willing to assume that for many the cons outweigh the pros. But frankly, it is not difficult to add to the sticky makeup base or use your fingers, as before, to the era of brushes 🙂 But in the end, Metallica will delight with unusual colors. Matte as good without any “but”.

She falled in love with gradually, from mild discontent during swatches on hand at the end, I came to the pleasant realization that she my.

Now I know what I’m going to get in the first place, Nakata mood to paint the world in pink colors. Or Burgundy, for special occasions, which in polite society is not accepted to speak aloud. Anyway, and the icing was very tempting.

Price: 4700r.

Summative evaluation: objectively, the flowability and difficulty mettalica 4-and — 5.

I hope that was helpful.

I’m Alena, to me for you 🙂

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