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With all due respect to the brand, Urban Decay, shadows of their worst. And whatever of bright and unusual limiti brand is not released, I’m hanging in there, because I have two palettes — matte Naked Basics 2 and Smoky, which went to dead weight. But the Naked palettes by Cherry I could not pass, I confess, I marketers as it got.

The palette features 12 shades, from dark pink aubergine brown through all the shades of cherry. In the framework of the palette we see 7 matte shades and 5 shimmery.

All known previously sudovye samples removed from production, so the launch of the palette caused such a stir. Beautiful design cover cherries to match the shades inside the case of trend red shades in makeup, a large-scale PR company, several products to support the collection.

As usual the palette is attached sided brush, a little functional, but it might suffice.

Conventionally, of course, you can define the range as stretching from light to dark shades. A little surprised by the choice of matte sectors and sectors with shimmer. But artists know better 🙂

Among these sedate 12 shades are frankly bizarre, such as Juicy, or opposite uncalled — type Caution. But most of them are similar and not to say that add some variability when creating makeup.

Go through the shades

Hot Spot — frosted milk with a splash of a subtle pink. Excellent base

Caution — warm matte bodily

Bang Bang — shimmery sparkling peachy-pink. Probably this is the color, which is so famous Nars brand in my collection Orgasm

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The feelz — matte tea rose

Juicy — matte peach with a clear orange shade

Turn On — shimmeree cold gold

Ambitious — bronze mixed with red — shimmery

Bing — a matte pink-cherry

Devilish — mahogany Matt

Young Love — shimmery red-pink metallic

Drunk Dial — brown-purple shimmery

Privacy brown with a drop of eggplant, still have a little bit of red and would be the perfect Rouge Noir, Matt

All shades are well pigmented, even the light sectors. And himernye shades I guess you can call hyperphenylalaninemia with a high content of shimmer in the shadows.

The shade easily typed on a brush, the shimmer is slightly crumbles when applied. Matte shades are nice, they have a very fine grind. But Matt and Juicy Devilish with shading look quite dirty. Especially Juicy is evident orange undertone. This shade I have isn’t used.

Now I will tell you what I don’t like the shadows and the UD Naked palette Cherry is no exception, rather, it reaffirmed the rule is that the shades do not shade each other, the impossible shadow layering. Of course, looking to compare.

We must pay tribute to UD shadows — they stay all day, do not roll or fade. Always paint the base, in this case, Kiko.

The bright and popular shades — Bang Bang, Ambitious, Bing and Young Love. Especially of course beautiful Bang Bang solo.

Still such an abundance “of all shades of the cherry” is quite demanding and I would not say that it is right Naked for your daily use. I am glad that glance not looks tear-stained due to the abundance of red and pink. Himernye shades I was more popular + more and they don’t seem dirty. Still bright matte shades always oblige.

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I was so ill-disposed towards the shadows and Urban Decay releases. Do you regret about the purchase? Yes it does 🙂 But without it I would be safely managed. Still lacking the OOD of grace, not cool.

And you bought a Naked Cherry?

Your Nadya

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