Use coffee for health and beauty


Refreshing drink will not only boost your energy but also has a whole set of beneficial properties.

Scientists warn that a large number of coffee harmful to the heart. And moderate doses of coffee to three cups a day, reduce the risk of developing heart failure, this effect is particularly noticeable for women after menopause, the risk decreases by 12%.

But this drink has many other useful properties! For example, coffee is an excellent preventive measure against Parkinson’s disease and dementia. Both these diseases at the moment cannot be cured. Studies have shown that coffee lovers are 25% less likely to become victims of Parkinson’s disease because the caffeine stimulates the neurons, and components of coffee help to produce dopamine – one of the most important substances involved in the transmission of nerve impulses.

As for dementia, the caffeine blocks the enzymes that cause malfunctions in the proteins of the brain. While coffee is also an excellent tool for the prevention of Alzheimer’s disease where in various parts of the brain are formed protein plaques that interfere with the operation of neurons.

Due to the fact that caffeine speeds up the metabolic processes in the body, it helps to fight obesity. By the way, as the researchers note, coffee lovers are in General more mobile than those who do not consume this drink.

Beneficial coffee’s appearance. This beverage contains many antioxidants, helping to withdraw toxins and excess moisture. So coffee lovers less likely to complain of swelling, and can also boast a healthy complexion. Coffee helps the skin to restore the natural balance by eliminating the excess fat or dryness.

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