Using testers in shops, you can become seriously ill

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Testers who help women in the selection of cosmetics, in fact, can seriously undermine health. What are they so harmful, scientists have found.

American microbiologists have checked on the safety of the testers in cosmetics shops. He took samples of ten retail outlets and later sent the results of his study in new York University Microbiology.

The experts ‘ findings showed that 20% of testers (every fifth sample) contained mold spores, yeast, E. coli and many other very harmful microbes. The most dangerous subject of all turned out to be sponges and brushes testers that ladies applied the cream or powder on the face.

The authors of the study advised women not to use the testers, in any case not to apply them on your skin. Yes, the use of samples will help you not to miss choosing the right shade of makeup. But you need to understand that this can cause serious harm to your health.

The only thing you can do is apply a cosmetic product on the back of her hands. After that, it is good to wash the skin. If not, then use the antiseptic liquid or wipes.

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