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My acquaintance with the brand took place last year, and I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the products. Then it was a means to care for the skin, now here are the three products for hair care, which I tested for three weeks.

Herbal shampoo for dry and colored hair “Soft lime”

Herbal shampoo for dry and colored hair “Soft lime”

Shampoo is a line of C&B Natural (Citrus & Beauty -citrus and beauty), consisting of cosmetics premium category based on active vitamin compounds, acids and essential oils of citrus plants.

Information about the tool and method of use

Photograph proved to be difficult — coloring of the labels of some granular and like a noise.


Plastic bottle volume is 200 ml. This amount means I had three weeks of daily use.

The dispenser is not provided, only the screw cap and narrow opening in the neck of the bottle

About creamy (see photo of the label on the back of the bottle) the manufacturer obviously got excited. Shampoo is a liquid gel is orange in color with a delicate fruity smell. Abundant foam and it forms to wash your hair shoulder-length I must repeat the three procedures soaping). Cleanses hair gently, even when wet it is felt that they are not dried, the fingers for they do not cling. After drying they are very soft and airy, but not dry, there is a basal volume.

Despite the abundance of all plant stuff, allergies and other tit this shampoo I have not caused. Use it really nice and in effect, it reminds me of the Syrian shampoo “Tree of peace” only three times cheaper.

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I specifically choose shampoo for colored or damaged hair for daily washing, as my hair is very thin and prone to dryness, though painted and are not. Moreover, in the region of my residence very hard water and a shampoo to help turn hair stringy. In this regard, try to take the most mild and nourishing/ moisturizer. Opt for the shampoo “lime” I’m not lost – he’s really affectionate, though, lime does not smell. The only negative for me is great in my book consumption, I usually double-washed hair with this shampoo procedure is repeated three times.

Price: 278 R

Rating: 5-

Term test: more than 14 times

Conditioning balm for dry and damaged hair Flora +

Conditioning balm for dry and damaged hair Flora +

Balm also refers to the range of C&B Natural and is “ambulance” for lifeless, dull strands, deprived of their force and volume.

The bottle is plastic, it is very tiny and contains 150 g of product.

Information about the tool, method of application and composition

Dispenser no, the sadness and the pain for me is not enough pump)

Odor pronounced balm does not have, as in the case of shampoo it is very gentle and the hair is left.

The consistency is creamy, of average density. Lubricity no. Even unexpectedly, as in the first part there are two oil — sesame and wheat germ.

Although the manufacturer and highlights the impact of balm just 2 minutes, I keep the shampoo on for five minutes and then ten and often under a shower cap. During this time a large part of the funds have time to absorb and leftovers rather quickly washed away. Consumption, incidentally, was not horse — about a teaspoon with a slide for one application.

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Used it every time paired with a herbal shampoo. And if the shampoo left the hair to air and light, the balm gave them a density, not depriving volume. In addition, completely absent the effect of weighting and the strands hung dejectedly. Remained airy and silky to the touch but the hair was dense. Styling was kept and even the tips are not changed in the specified direction.

Overall, a pleasant balm, but, I think, really damaged hair is not enough power.

Cost: 266 R.

Rating: 5

Term test: more than 14 times


At the end I can say that the features described in the post, turned out to be surprisingly good. High hopes for them, not pinned, as they become accustomed to a fairly mediocre care natural cosmetics of different brands. This is especially true of masks and balsams, which in most cases contain a huge dose of oils that even do not have time to soak and are not allowed to work the rest of the ingredients. Therefore, although simple and not always convenient package, I would recommend to look at the brand benefit, the price is affordable.

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