Velsan Flex – new amplifier preservatives from Clariant

The company Clariant has introduced a new preservative booster Velsan Flex that meets COSMOS, a European standard for organic and natural cosmetics.

Velsan Flex – perfect for transparent structures, and its technology provides anti-microbial protection, allowing developers to use 50% less the traditional preservative ingredients including benzoic acid, benzyl alcohol or Phenoxyethanol.

Clariant demonstrates the versatility of Velsan Flex with natural formulas and pure compounds, which are particularly difficult to maintain. A new component overcomes the problems of application in transparent media with high water content, for example, for the micellar gel, and formulations with tonic water and transparent water-based formulations including oil and flavors with a low content of preservatives, for example, the filling gel.

Natural formulations allow the use of a limited number of preservatives that have sufficient antimicrobial activity. According to the manufacturer, Velsan Flex has proven its effectiveness in the protection of natural cosmetics, including nutrient-rich formulations in the form of a body lotion of roses or natural sheet masks. The compositions of the aforementioned products are particularly challenging due to high water content and large surface area, which can be an active breeding ground for microorganisms.

“The issuance by the company Clariant renewable 93% amplifier preservatives will be welcomed by developers and brands on the scarce range of available options for preservatives, says Ralph Zerrer, head of innovation and strategic marketing of Clariant. – This opens up access to more efficient systems and conservation, and ensures implementation of environmentally sound requirements for a wide range of cosmetic formulations in which the amount of traditional preservatives can be reduced and natural ingredients can achieve the desired levels of performance”.

Velsan Flex has been awarded Clariant EcoTain, which confirms its renewable structure and additional benefits in relation to sustainability, the proposed developers of personal care products due to its ability to dissolve in water and oil, as well as to improve the properties of the preservatives.

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