Velvet gel Giorgio Armani Lip Maestro No. 400 “The Red”

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Red lipstick, perhaps, every girl. I am no exception. To wear every day is not mine, but “going out” it is perfect. And choice need to be very careful. Cheap, low-quality red lipstick will only worsen your image. But not the Velvet gel Giorgio Armani Lip Maestro No. 400 “The Red”.

I have a miniature cardboard “booklet”.

A small bottle of durable plastic with black cover looks stylish and expensive. A brand logo indicates that the thumbnails to the Suite.


I have the shade No. 400. This is a classic red, very beautiful and versatile. It will emphasize the beauty of any woman.

The texture is very gentle on the lips is distributed easily.Gel it arrived is not clogged in the folds, to wear super comfortable.

Apply very carefully, because there’s nothing worse, in my opinion, what caused the crooked red lipstick. And this gel, though, and “long lasting”, but does not freeze on the lips and easy to smudge.

But the gel is absolutely not slipping on the mucous membrane and does not form a whitish plaque, which I just hate. Lipstick is on the lips, like a stiff, and does not cause any discomfort. The durability is excellent. You can have a light snack and then just slightly correct makeup. The marks on the cups remain, but this can be forgiven, especially since the gel is not positioned as resistant. Coming off the gel gently and evenly. The edges of the lips almost does not spread and pencil I don’t need. But lipstick very carefully and gently If when applying the gel you leave for the circuit, it will have to be washed very carefully, otherwise the effect of the spread of lipstick. I’m a little clumsy, unfortunately.(

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The finish line in the gel rather satin, not matte and dull. Peeling lips are not stressed, the lips look well-groomed and seductive.

Velvet gel Giorgio Armani Lip Maestro No. 400 “The Red” it feels so natural on the lips, does not spread, is not going to the corners of the lips. Delicate velvety texture does not dry lips and leaves them sticky. Coming off very evenly, lips look quite neat. It is also economical. In order to lipstick, it is not necessary several times to dip the sponge in the lipstick, just enough to remove it from the bottle. Now I want the gel in nudemom shade povsednevku.

Price — 2 870 roubles.

Rating — 5.

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