Very feminine, bit of flirting and covered with winter dust rose from Mademoiselle Rochas

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Good afternoon everyone!

She’s my personification of femininity. She’s my personification of passion. I Mademoiselle EDP Rochas!

I became acquainted with this fragrance for a long time and it is not going to leave. On the contrary! I am an ardent fan of this perfume and plan to buy variations of different collections.

There was this bottle in my collection after my birthday!

As a winner of the gift card is one of the popular networks, I immediately went on the hunt for perfume. Home without a catch did not return.

Perfume belongs to the group floral fruit flavors.

Packaging presents a delicate pink box, containing within neat in a retro style bottle of heavy glass. Looks impressive and solidly, but cute — really decorates my toilet shelf!

Cover fits very tightly, had never during transport, nothing spilled and no damage.

Flavor adds the inscription on the reverse side of the label.

Pyramid song:

Top notes:

Black currant, carmelitano Apple, lemon and orange

Middle notes:

Egyptian Jasmine and rose

Base notes:

Sandalwood, grey amber, musk, vanilla

What I hear:

The initial application felt the sweetness of fruit, especially blackcurrant. Citrus notes of me felt weak. With time, revealing, there is a rose, slightly sweet vanilla and light (not annoying and not heady) sandal.

Throughout socks above notes are accompanied by a powder. The smell is not easy, not fruit compote. No! This is easy, but persistently enveloping cloud of dust…

This is not a simple water. The perfume is quite thorough, independent and to mix it with anything not recommend.

Revealing, it becomes brighter, more serious,innocence fruit away, freeing the place base notes of amber and musk.

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In the heat of this perfume have to used moderately, otherwise it will “strangle” himself and others. In the winter, in the cold, I almost do not feel, however when getting into a warm room the fragrance opens with a Bang.

I prefer to use it in late autumn. When the frost is in flux, but we’re wrapped up in cozy scarves and blankets, warmed grips on warm cocoa. Here’s a night this perfume can decorate to give romance.

I have a bottle of Mademoiselle Rochas associated with infinite femininity. He will not allow you to wear it with a denim mini skirt and sneakers, forced to change the outfit on a dress and heels, season curls in slightly sloppy hair and tint the lips, making them glow brighter.

Price is 2399 30 ml.

Term of use — more than 1 year

Rating 5 out of 5.

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