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A major role of attention’s skin drugs play smells and fragrances, through which the product can be love or hate. Today will tell you about two very highly flavored instances designed for hair care: Garnier Fructis — Repairing Papaya Mask Hair Food and Yves Rocher — Shine Rinsing Vinegar.

Both tools I love for their efficiency and pleasantness attention to use, but it is flavor sets them apart from many.

Garnier Fructis — Repairing Papaya Mask Hair Food

Last year Garnier Fructis have released it on the market — 4 masks for hair from the Hair Food. Each of them consists of 98% natural ingredients and tropical flavours do cast doubt, not food.

For myself, I chose the mask with papaya that are designed to repair damaged hair (I have after bleaching). A rather extensive Bank (390 ml), alas, has no protective film or foil, because in the store everyone can open it and shove the contents of their noses or other body parts. Personally to me this moment really do not like it because the mask I ordered online (I think it slightly reduced the probability that packaging to me repeatedly opened).

The mask has the consistency or yogurt, or pudding, slightly beige colour and gorgeous smells. Honestly, I have repeatedly had the desire to take a spoon and smeared with this “cream” cakes for the cake (by the way, right there on the package notes that it is inedible and should be kept away from children). The mask can be used three ways:

  • as for the hair, that is, apply to clean, wet hair and rinse immediately
  • as a mask: leave on hair for a while and then rinse
  • as a leave-in treatment: apply a small amount on slightly damp hair, do not rinse.
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Personally I always use as a mask, leaving on hair for 10 minutes, during which she manages to maximally hydrate and nourish hair. After clarification, they become less smooth and shiny after shampooing, terribly confused and slipping into mats, and the mask helps them to untangle and comb “wet” just fingers (sometimes I also use Tangle Teezer Aqua Splash). They become soft, smooth, manageable, shiny and shove. And they smell, even on the third day after washing, the scent remains on the hair. Sometimes I find myself thinking “what is that delicious smell?”, and then I realize that this is a hair fragrance of the mask.

Honestly, I did not expect that the effect I so enjoy. In its effects the mask kind of reminds me of the l’oreal balm from a set of paint Preference, although consumption has a much larger (I have banks enough for exactly 2 months). I think that next winter will be sure to repeat, but in the spring and summer use is unlikely because of the fragrance.

7$цена9/10оценка2 of the month, 2P/nudeleisaibens

Yves Rocher Rinsing Vinegar Shine

Raspberry vinegar I use Yves Rocher constantly for more than a year, and still don’t understand why not start early. Although, Yes I do. The fact that a product like mouthwash, and even in the form of vinegar, is not considered necessary, and many simply did not know how to apply it.

In fact, everything is simple: after washing your hair and use a mask, just apply the vinegar, and then wash off. If possible, you can dilute the liquid with water in a separate container and then to rinse her hair. I also found information that this can be diluted water to spray on dried or dry hair in the form of nemawashi, but I personally have not tried.

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What makes this product, in addition to aromatization hair amazing smell of raspberry jam? Because of its acidity it neutralizes residues of alkaline products (shampoos), closes the scales of the hair, due to which it becomes smooth, shiny, longer retains the pigment of the paint. With regular use reduces the oiliness of the scalp, so the hair can be washed less frequently. In short, some solid pros.

Is that wonderful scent you have to be careful. Once I rinsed the vinegar hair before going to the gym and it was a big mistake. It seemed to me that during training I will suffocate, because the flavor is so grave that you simply can’t breathe. I really hope that the rest of the audience had not heard me. After this incident, I really ensure that the use of vinegar does not coincide with the days training.

Well, there are two packaging options: 150 and 400 ml (big bottle not always available).

7$цена9/10оценка1 year, 4P/metallomesogen

Both products I love, use love to, but don’t marry ever, because the flavors a bit too strong. In General, the fragrances of these funds are their advantage and disadvantage, because someone can seem too intense, and keep my hair until the next wash.

And you pay attention to the aroma of hair? What fragrances do you prefer? And trying to do something out of the post? Whether our impressions.

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