Victoria Beckham launches the brand prestige cosmetics

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Victoria Beckham has teamed up with the former Executive Director of the Estée Lauder Sarah Creel, to launch a line of cosmetics luxury, which they are positioning as environmentally friendly, sustainable and not tested on animals.

Cosmetic brand Victoria Beckham Beauty currently includes a collection of eyeshadow and eyeliner, in the near future to these products are added to cosmetics and skin. According to the manufacturer, the brand products of high performance that is designed according to the principles of security, transparency and inclusiveness. Packaging products are used secondary and recycled materials, the amount of plastic, where possible, minimized, says the brand.

Victoria Beckham Beauty say: “Luxurious beauty is changing. One excellent skill is not enough – brands must also be agents of change. The ingredients that we put into our formulations have a value, because pure products do not contain harmful toxins, should be a universal standard. Our impact on the environment matters because our world still. Creating products for all matters, because we as good as we inclusive”. The company has described himself as “a brand in motion”, which will continue to evolve and improve the business based on these core values.

In 2016, Victoria Beckham has teamed up with Estée Lauder to launch a limited edition line of makeup in Europe, USA, Hong Kong and Singapore. Collection of Victoria Beckham Estée Lauder, a limited edition, sold out in one day for dedicated sites, which proved extremely popular among consumers and sparked rumors about the transition model, business woman and former pop star in the beauty industry. Thanks to this collaboration, Beckham met my current partner Sarah Creel, with experience in such major luxury brands like Prada Beauty, Ralph Lauren Fragrances and Bobbi Brown Cosmetics.

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“As Victoria and I am passionate about health, well-being and beauty, so the creation of pure products was a natural progression and a challenge we wanted to overcome – said Creel on the website World of Victoria Beckham. – … We haven’t achieved this goal – sustainability is a big problem! # notperfect, but one of the many areas in which we have made significant progress, is a combination of luxury and clean trains.”

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