Visagello device for cleansing brushes

One of you gets off on makeup? An absolute majority.

And who kicks out of cleaning the brushes after? Personally, I do not know of any such person πŸ™‚

Now nobody is surprised by a special silicone mats and sponges to dry cleansing brushes. But a special device for quick washing and drying of hands is something new! And very curious.

The manufacturer promises to wash and dry the brush in just 27 seconds. Fast, is clean and safe for cloth.

Is it really so? Let’s check πŸ™‚

The device comes in a box with no identifying information. Moreover, there is no explanatory instructions and information about the country of origin. And control head: why Visagello? Nowhere on the device or carton close and not to mention the name.

In General, the design is somehow laggy.

Magical device comprises of:

  • flasks for purification (in the “free” time can be used as a Cup holder for brushes, for example)
  • the set of nozzle-holders for brushes
  • handle with motor, which does all the magic.

HandleMount for attachmentsOperates from 2 AAA batteriesthe BulbStand with nozzles of different diametersFor each nozzle is stamped the diameter of the brush, which can climb

The build quality does not cause problems: the plastic is solid, nothing creaks and does not fall off.

The cool thing is how this thing spins the brush! The result is a true mini fan :))

Look in the case?

There is one dirty brush ManlyPro.

  • Take a flask and fill it with water level of about 15-20 mm. Add a special shampoo for brushes. If it is not β€” suitable and liquid soap.
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  • Drop the brush in water and press the button. The brush starts to spin clockwise and cleanse. To keep the brush needs about 10-15 seconds.

  • The result, we get this:

  • And getting to dry directly over the bulb with water. It takes another 10-15 seconds with small brush, and about 30 large and fluffy.

  • The result: a clean brush, but absolutely out of shape.

So, what is the result?


  • the pile does not spoil. In the sense that the hairs start to break off or fall out.
  • perfectly clears brush from dry products.
  • quick dry brush. With him there is no need to put the brush on a Terry towel and waiting for the night/day until they dry. Literally 15 seconds the brush is completely dry!


  • strongly deforms the shape of the brush. After a few hand washes everything comes back to normal, but if you wash your hands so constantly β€” I don’t think it really will return.
  • does not launder cream products. No Foundation, no formula, no lipstick, nothing.
  • to wash can be, not all of the brush. Something is not right according to the diameter, something in the form. For example, how to wash brush-brush? Double sided brush?
  • very strong vibration. If the 10th of the brush everything is OK, 50 is already a sore arm.
  • the loss of time. Pure IMHO, but it’s faster for me to wash my hands than to put all this to change the nozzle, wash/dry, and then wash the flask. Long all of this.
  • in heavy brush device is buggy. Rather, promote them, he just refuses.
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And the last question: what about hygiene? Is it normal to dry the pile immediately after soapy water, not polaskova?

The manufacturer says Yes.

My opinion β€” no. Soap contains surfactants, which are elementary dry natural hair. And if they will long remain on the brush… it is possible that the pile is about to peresushivaya and break.

Well, if we take the time to rinse before drying… the process will last for very a long time.

The result: device did not become for me a panacea. Long, dreary and lost form. Test it 10 times, I finally got back to the usual washing of hands. Faster, easier and safer for the brushes πŸ™‚

Price: 1375 rubles

Tell us how you wash the brush? Found a magical way?

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