Vitamin C Paste from LixirSkin and the new trend in skin care

LixirSkin Vitamin C paste

After many years of popularity of the Asian system of skin care with a large number of stages, the cosmetic industry has started to turn in the other direction and offer a multifunctional, versatile and intuitive tools. Let’s talk today more about this area, the advocate of “simple” nursing Colette Haydon and her Marche LIXIRSkin. In the second part of the post, consider the mask Vitamin C Paste of the brand.

“Less is more”

The main idea of minimalism in care is to reduce the number of jars on a shelf or to buy less, and that manufacturers sometimes disingenuous, inflating their care. It is often not very clear on exactly why apply something, how it differs from the previous stage and it is necessary. Therefore, brands that carry themselves to this area, have a “capsule” and clear line, which includes a small number of products. After all, a well working formula will give the desired result even from one facility.

Also important is the fact that almost all tools are multifunctional. According to the “minimalists” do not have to divide the face wash for makeup removal and the subsequent cleaning of that cream for one part of the face should also be well suited for another, since it’s all the same your face. What basic products should be suitable for any age and skin type, to solve specific problems using dopolnitelnye funds. Thus it is possible to avoid the conflict of active ingredients to reduce the risk of adverse reactions and the occurrence of hypersensitivity.

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The Creator of the brand Colette Haydon (HAYDON COLETTE) is a doctor and dermo-pharmacology and has created many products for famous brands (Ren, HealGel, Jo Malone, Aromatherapy Associates) which have become bestsellers.

In mark presents quite a bit of money, but they almost completely cover the necessary care.

Three basic product:

Universal Emulsion — universal humidifier, replace day, night creams and makeup base.

Vitamin C Paste — morning mask, a powerful antioxidant and corrects imperfections.

Electogel Cleanser — removes makeup, cleanses the skin, can be used as a mask.

The three active funds for night care, which are added to a universal emulsion and designed to address a narrow problem:

NIGHT SWITCH RETINOL 1% — the fight against age-related changes.

NIGHT SWITCH PHA/AHA 10% — exfoliation and renewal.

NIGHT SWITCH BHA/AHA 10% solution for problem skin

And the latest novelty stamps

SOFT CLAY RUBBER — can be used as a cleansing mask and exfoliating the bedroll.

Any system of care has its followers and say that only one kind is best and need to stick to just this, of course wrong. But I like the ideas a little bit and I revised his departure. You’re close with these thoughts, I prefer a multi-stage or do you have your own scheme?

Vitamin C Paste

Manufacturer’s description:

The remedy is morning mask with vitamin C L-Ascorbic Acid and a concentration of 10%.

Designed to fight free radicals, destructive influence of sunlight, to stimulate the production of elastin and collagen, improve the complexion. Is activated by water.


In the morning apply to clean, dry skin of the face, eyes, lips and neckline medium amount about a pea (and that is really enough!), moisten fingers with water and wet hands to massage, thus activating the mask, rinse with water or damp cloth. The exposure time can be varied depending on the desires and capabilities — from several minutes to 15. You can use every day, but you can a couple of times a week.

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Glycerin, Aqua (Water), Ascorbic Acid, Cetearyl Olivate, Sorbitan Olivate, Oryzanol, Citrus Nobilis (Mandarin Orange) Peel Oil, Sodium Hyaluronate, Xanthan Gum, Jasminum Officinale (Jasmine) Flower Extract, Lavandula Hybrida Flower Oil, Benzyl Benzoate, Limonene, Linalool

Such a pea is enough for the entire face and neck

My opinion and description

The contents of the tube — light buttery balm on the face is transparent. Almost no smell, the flavor is slightly acidic, no fragrance, I think it’s so smell components.

For all sufficiently small volume, easily distributed. After the water mask completely changes its texture and it’s like instantly absorbed into the skin — there is no hint that you just struck oil on the face. Me at the beginning of this “magic” was pleasantly surprised 🙂

While the impact may slightly redden face and I feel a slight tingling in some areas. But after washing it quickly passes.

Due to the fact that when you activate the mask “loses” its fat content and absorbed as whey, I like on top of her to massage device NuFace (post).

The result

I really like the way the mask works! After the first application the skin becomes more sleek, nourished, smooth. It’s the first vitamin C which I was seeing results, not just hope he does something (in the past Vit C from Obagi 10%, Alpha-H, Skinceuticals).

I have not noticed any prolonged action in terms of lightening pigmentation, I have one speck under the eye, which is guided, it has not changed. But the overall tone becomes more even and fresh. Spots from pimples go away much faster and generally heals all instantly.

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I like the format tools that easily fit into my care. It is quite economical, I use a couple times a week. I also like that there are no strict ‘ rules of engagement: how do you have time today, so here you go, have the opportunity to do every day — do and not, and a couple of times a week would be enough. This flexible approach slightly reduces the morning stress when trying to catch it for a small period of time.

Of the minuses I note that the mask can exfoliate in tube, so I keep it nose up and shaken before use.

I definitely plan to repeat it in the future and also try a universal emulsion, retinol and a washroom.

Price — £32.00 for 50 ml

Term of use — 2 months a couple times a week

Rating is 5+

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