Vitamins for hair. Solgar Skin, nails & hair Solgar Calcium Citrate with vitamin D3, Doppelgerts Aktiv omega-3

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Continuing the theme about hair. Generally in the decision of any question as to the hair or skin, close to me a comprehensive approach. A single body system and I tend to think that all problems come from within. And it is better to eliminate the cause than the consequences. The problem of hair loss is no exception. Therefore, in addition to those funds, about which I wrote earlier, I have included in your system vitamins:

Everything in order:

1.Doppelgerts Aktiv omega-3

First, Doppelgerts Aktiv omega-3. These vitamins I take intermittently for a long time and can safely recommend them. They are really super. Capsule of a large transparent with an amber fill. I have problems with swallowing does not occur, but, nevertheless, had to say about its size:

There is 80 capsules. It is recommended to take once a day for a month, then pause.

There are three main types of omega-3 fatty acids: alpha-linolenic acid (ALA), eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA).

EPA and DHA are found in oily fish such as salmon, mackerel and herring. EPA has potent anti-inflammatory properties, according to studies, can reduce the risk of heart disease, rheumatism and cancer. At the same time, DHA plays an important role in brain health. And of course, omega-3 is very useful for hair. Axiom. The effectiveness of omega 3 for hair:

-in the complex therapy helps to cope with hair loss;

-pauses the alopecia hair according to different type (diffuse, androgenic…);

-strengthens the hair, making them less fragile and brittle;

-accelerates hair growth, stimulates new hair growth;

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hair get Shine and elasticity.

How to quickly manifest the result? No sooner than a month. With regular use of hair problems can be forgotten.

With this clear. Let’s look further:

2.Solgar Calcium Citrate with vitamin D3

When there is a problem of hair loss, brittle nails, brittle teeth, we immediately think of calcium deficiency. I had 2 problems described, had half his hair and cracked tooth. Here in this place and had an idea about calcium. And I stopped my choice on recommendations for Solgar Calcium Citrate with vitamin D3.

That calcium with D3 is better absorbed (or not absorbed without it) explained to us for a long time and very clearly. But on an easily digestible form of calcium, I personally have learned for the first time. The usual for us form of calcium is gluconate. Different variations on the theme, but the essence is the same. According to studies, calcium citrate is an optimal dosage form to provide calcium for adults and children, that it contributes to increased bone mineral density, increasing bone mass, strengthening enamel, and so forth, an Important feature of the calcium citrate is the low tendency to form kidney stones.

Glass bottle with metal lid. In the necessary protective membrane. If it is violated, it is not recommended to eat BAD food. 60 white large tablets.

Gluten free, grain and milk. The recommended dose is 4 tablets a day. And here the remark. I’m not taking 4 pills. Why? I do not know. This is my vision of the issue. Anyone not impose anything in this respect.

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As you can see, the composition is described based on a daily dose of 4 tablets (hence, Delhi 4). The dose calculated from the consumption of 2000 Kcal per day. By the way, the daily dose of calcium, according to research by the canadian society for osteoporosis is 1000 mg.

As we can see, pregnant, lactating, and people with health problems, it is recommended that before using consult a doctor. “SUPPLEMENTS should not replace good nutrition”, And rightly so.

Negative impact on myself I felt. But I admit that a personal response might be.

As for the strongly positive result, I did not either. My nails are so well grown, teeth, thank God, never fall out, and hair started to grow. While taking calcium I’ve got a wisdom tooth. It is rather bad news than good, because it grows me wrong and the doctors could not grow ever. Nevertheless. But again, whether it is connected directly with the calcium? Not a fact. But the course decided to drink.

And finally, the third but not the least complex:

3.Solgar Skin, nails & hair:

Making the same calcium. A firm manufacturer is the same. Identical and the size of the tablets:

That’s where the similarity ends. And well. They should complement each other. This residence advised me very strongly. And I believed it.

Recommended to take 2 tablets a day. I accept one. For the same reasons. The composition as deduced from the calculation of the daily dose in 2 pills (divide by 2): vitamin C, zinc, copper, MSM (one of nature’s richest plant source of organic sulfur high bioavailability), L-Lysine (It is an amino acid very important for the body. She takes an active part in the formation of protein molecules), L-Proline (an Amino acid essential for cartilage and skin. This substance improves the skin structure, promotes the formation of collagen (the major component), as well as prevents rapid aging), silica for me in this case.

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Another reason I opted for this complex is the lack of Biotin in its composition. Just personal negative experience of medication with this component in the composition.

No negative effects from taking this complex I felt. Again, how to evaluate positive it is difficult to say. They are very tangible, but how to assess the contribution of a particular complex.

To summarize: omega-3 is my love, time-tested, Solgar have not yet laid down I have a clear experience can, feel. But to say that you will marvel over the 3 days — I can’t. Can grow and teeth (not the ones you expect), and hair (and everywhere), and nails.

Price: omega-3 700 rubles, Calcium 1200 RUB (But may be cheaper, I took delivery through intermediaries. We have direct supply in the city), the Complex is 1700 RUB (the same situation)

Period of use: omega-3 years 3, Calcium 3 weeks, a Complex of more than a month

Rating: 5

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