Vivid matte liquid No. 35 rebel red from maybelline. Disappointment of the century?

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I bought red matte lipstick for an evening look, and got a nuclear war on the lips. Will provide the name of the lipstick the word “matte”, remember, we this reference will return.

I company Mabelin love and respect, half of my makeup lasts on it, and buying this lipstick, I do not doubt that you’ll get something worthwhile. I’ve never been so wrong…

That promises us manufacturer:

Liquid texture forms a layer and smoothes the skin. Resistant pigments provide the color brightness for the whole day. Lipstick to create a luxurious image. Seductive, eye-catching hues from delicate pink to bold red, combined with a matte velvet effect. Dense and even coverage with one touch.

We’ll be getting on the case:

Without the pencil, lipstick cannot be applied correctly, just 3 minutes too liquid texture that spreads on the lips, creeping into all the cracks, which automatically makes the required preparation of the lips before applying. If you have a furious pace of life, just apply lipstick and go on business you will not succeed.

The applicator of the product is taken too much, when you close the lipstick almost flows outside of the package and devours your soul. Okay, maybe not soul, but the skin Yes.

Here is a Swatch on the hand. Excess product from the applicator I have not removed that actually you can contemplate. Frankly, the arm looks like kremesec with pigment. Note the glossy sheen, the same awaits you on the lips.

Photos in daylight. Apply the lipstick in one stroke.

Two minutes later I tried to erase this mess from his hand. In the next photo you can see the result of a five-minute friction of the skin with a cotton pad with micellar water.

  • Little life hack. To the trail disappeared completely, go through it with hard sponge with shower gel or baby soap.
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Well, it’s on the hand so, you might think, but on the lips it’s different. And you’re right on the lips completely different problems????. If you try to remove the excess product from the applicator and applied the lipstick with a light layer — you will get red and carrot color. To obtain a red color (as in the jar) you will need 2 layers. And apply lipstick, you’ll have each time you remove the excess product, otherwise you risk to see on the lips, a ton of creamy.

You remember the matte finish promised by the manufacturer? So. It is not. Six hours of wearing it on the lips, lipstick is not drying and the gloss inherent in the lip gloss lasted, as the last hero at the walls of Stalingrad.

Top lipstick applied in a single layer. Bottom — two. photos made in daylight.

The photo of the lips you can see how the lipstick spread on the contour.

In conclusion I want to say that maybe I was not lucky and the product was spoiled. Maybe it should be applied only with a brush, or my expectations were too high. In my opinion the fact remains. This product, at least for this shade, I don’t recommend to buy those who do not want to bother with drawing or beginners.

do not dry cubetexture
no representation is matte finish
not convenient applicator
the difficulty when applying

volume: 8ml

price: 349 p.

term of use: 1 year

rating: 2

Is that lipstick you have and have you faced with the fact that so me of her pushed away.

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