Vivienne sabo Cabaret premiere. If she’s as good as it said?

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The novelties of decorative cosmetics, I am calm, content with proven means. Only prefer to experiment with colors and textures. But after I published a post about my favorite mascara from Maybelline, I got a lot of reviews and recommendations to try the mascara Cabaret premiere. I’ve been thinking, but decided to purchase this sensational mascara. Besides, my decision was influenced by a good discount. And now, I already have it for almost three weeks.

So whether it is good?

We’ll find out.

General information:

Name: Mascara Vivienne sabo Cabaret premiere

Shade: 01

Volume: 9 ml

Country brand: France

The mascara looks incredibly attractive. The entire tube glossy gold color, along which flaunts the inscription “Cabaret” performed by the font in the retro style and captures the atmosphere of France of the last century.

As far as I know, in this series many different color ink. I have shade 01 — classic black.

I liked the consistency of the carcass and limiter: no extra clumps of mascara on the brush, all clean and tidy.

What I was most intrigued by, because it is the brush.

It was very interesting how she is going to share my cilia have these little barely noticeable hairs?


My eyelashes are not painted, it almost cannot be seen. They have some length but absolutely no volume, and curl.

Eyelashes without mascara

I easily applied the first coat of mascara. No magical changes with my eyelashes did not happen except that they got color.

With one layer of mascara Cabaret Premier

And the second layer messed up. Eyelashes are stuck together and they had lumps.

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The sad thing is, that the villi of the brush not to brush it. I frantically opened the door of the cupboard in search of some sharp instrument. My eye caught a thick brush of mascara, great lash, which is about 10 years adapted to comb my eyebrows. Here it is that I rescued. I quickly combed her eyelashes and they came to be this way.

Without mascara, with one layer and two layers of mascara Cabaret Premier

A whole week in a row I used this mascara, but she never “married”. But I have not lost hope, and periodically give her a chance, using every 3-4 days. But with the same result.


Well, let’s start with the cons:

  • First, it really glues the lashes
  • Second, these terrible lumps

Fortunately, it is not without its advantages:

  • During the day it doesn’t fall off
  • It really gives length and bending
  • It is resistant to moisture, drizzling rain or snow it is not terrible.

From this we can conclude that it not the worst of all available carcass. But not perfect. She can use more if you comb the lashes, but even this procedure did not deliver until the end of sklonnosti. Therefore, the mascara Vivienne sabo Cabaret premiere deserves from me a rating of 3 out of 5, because why go to these lengths when you could use another mascara that is perfect from beginning to end?

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