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Don’t know about you, but in my case, this mascara is just “terrorized” my instagram) She so often flashed that I decided to change my favorite to try and budget a new product from Vivienne Sabo. Impressions under the cut ⬇

Girls!???? I had planned to do some photos for a post about this mascara on a particular day (as you know, in most parts of Russia with the sun in the winter tight and at the weekend I, like many people, the only real opportunity to shoot something for posts in daylight). But I have a couple of days had a terrible Allergy to the eyebrow zone/next to them on the paint and process long-term styling eyebrows at a salon. In General, eyebrows and forehead looked very well, not really, but the desire to make a photo for the post was unstoppable ???? Because I kept taking pictures close just this area — part of the photo, where is this unsightlymess was noticeable — I lightly shaded) Hope for understanding, the picture of the eyelashes this is not a bit changed and not affected))

First on my priorities/wishes to the carcass: this is probably more like still plastic brushes just like the participants of the fasting and most importantly — the lack of normal shedding and durability. Love the lashes voluminous and long, not a series of “natural effect”. Because the eye shadow during the week, I rarely use a brush that’s my only eye makeup.

I have tried the famous Cabaret from brand — to me it did not make any special impression, normal mascara, but without enthusiasm, I did not have enough lash volume with it.

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  • Packaging: for an Amateur) I’m not him))) Someone seems nice. But in General, I do not appreciate the product packaging, so, although not thrilled, but she’s normal, not erased, the tube closes well, okay), the Limiter, by the way, is also excellent — issues are exactly what you need.
  • Volume: 9 ml mascara made in Italy.
  • The brush is bulky, I feel comfortable, but not 100%, let’s say) There and back) If the eye is smaller, I think, may be grown ???? Ink deals evenly, but not the first layer — I usually stain a couple of times each eye.

  • Color black, fairly bright. In color for me.

  • Eyelashes at the end, I do more volume, length, noticeable. If you compare with my favorite carcasses — the result is not 100% but pretty good.
  • Durability: and here to me the failure. For me mascara is disgusting flaking, and it begins in the application process. First — just a little bit. And then, during the day I just constantly had to correct here and there pieces of the carcass ???? Hate this, honestly! The snow behaved decently, not dripping with eyelash streams, but I wasn’t hit by heavy snow with it. But this shattering day for me, the main indicator of “for/against” — and then complete trash.
  • Price: about 300 rubles.
  • Rating: if not for the horrible shedding I would put 4+, because to Pets does not hold. But with that said for me it’s 2. I tried many times but no, this mascara does me no good. I can not advise to buy.
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Ink for yourself, the photo in the daylight:

Lashes without mascara.

Eyelashes with mascara)

General appearance. If not crumbled, which is a good mascara.

*** Anya.

Interesting to read about your favorite mascara) Or maybe someone has tried this — how are your impressions?

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