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Recently tested a new to me Korean skin mark Von U. It contains a few lines on care of hair and scalp like shampoos and conditioners, and hair masks. I tried the ruler with a Golden ginger. Means it is designed to stimulate hair growth and stop hair loss (always important!). Reduces inflammation, itching, irritation, removes dandruff, regulates sebum production. Moisturizes and restores the structure of hair, nourishes the scalp and hair.

Von-U Gold Ginseng Shampoo with extract gold ginseng and Von-U Ginseng Gold treatment for hair and scalp with ginseng extract gold

The shampoo and conditioner are in tubes of 200ml. Plastic compact, the lid opens easily, the nails and fingers in the shower do not have to break. They are also amenable to simple, do not need to exert any effort.

The shampoo lathers moderately but cleanses the hair 2 times a hundred. My hair nearly reaches the shoulder blades, my every two days. When you flush, there is no feeling of difficulty and completely washed the hair (and every time), but this feeling is deceptive. Hair clean and further moisture they just have to. Shampoo it works well on cleansing the scalp and further appearance. The hair stays clean for half a day longer than usual, that is two whole days I walk around with great hair. The hair is lush, airy and shiny. Such air I receive, not from each shampoo, this point becomes noticeable, even on my wavy curls.

So, the hair is washed. And they definitely need to moisturize. Shampoo is intended to clean. But no worries — the conditioner I always use. Ginseng Gold Treatment is in fact the usual Asian “care”, I personally mean as a conditioner, that is, as a means of permanent items. This works well: moisturizes the hair, untangles them and further leave-in treatment will also be required. For owners of a porous, wavy hair — it is a godsend. Weights, unravels, making them very very shiny, you can skip this surface using the fingers. You can keep one minute, at least ten — the effect is the same.

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The consumption of both small. Hard to imagine the real amount of time. About a months with shampoo and balm I use, and each morning to them addicted husband, and at the moment there is still a little less than half. By the way, his troubled scalp, and the shampoo and balm relieve itching well.

Left a thick balm, the right liquid shampoo:

Von-U Keratin Mask with a keratin Reconstructor

Oh, my second favorite mask for the last few months, again Korean))

I chose a mask with a keratin for old, after years of straightening. It is designed to provide an instantaneous transformation of hair. When I first read the description, then the habit snorted. As always, promises more than enough, but what actually happened?

But in reality it turned out to be true. Except that most often I use it a little not as planned. In 90% of cases I don’t use it with thermo-active action, and just put on pressed hair in a hot shower while you do other water activities. Sometimes a hat, sometimes without, mood.

The mask instantly envelops the hair and makes them super smooth, slippery. Not absorbed in them, it is not desirable to apply more, that is, consumption is quite economical. I keep from 5 to 15 minutes, then wash off. Running water is washed off quickly, then a feeling of well-hair remains (there are masks that washed away and even at this wet stage, hair in addition to shampoo was nothing to write about them!). I do not dry hair, it dries naturally. After they are shiny, nourished, more elastic, in a word beautiful. I, as the owner of a a porous hair is a little unusual (compulsory testing masks without moisturizers after). Hair loose, looks beautiful and shimmer in the light. Like.

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The composition of all three tools:

But the photos hair after shampoo and mask. No hair dryer, no comb. By the way, as soon as I began again to grow their own, not keratin hair, I again stopped brushing my Golden tangle teaser again lying idle, and my best brush is my quints))

How do you feel about the Korean care for the hair?

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