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Hair care is perhaps the most frequently changing in the General outline of skin funds, as I my head on a daily basis, and, accordingly, the consumption of shampoos/conditioners/hair masks is very high.

Today we will talk about tools for hair care Korean brand Von U

Von U Caviar Shampoo

The shampoo is presented in a high quality soft tube of 200 ml and has a gel texture and blue hue.

Professional shampoo for hair with caviar extract is recommended for dry, porous, curly and gray hair (not all troubles at the same time :)) it consists of caviar extract and avocado oil for nourishment, moisturizing the hair and prevention of hair loss and biosaccharides, which give the hair Shine.


The tool is easily applied and distributed on the hair, foams well, quickly and gently cleanses the hair and is easily washed off under running water. For high-quality cleansing hair, you need only one time to wash my hair, even if you apply to the roots of the hair oil overnight and I have now just such period and, unfortunately, not all shampoos cope with the leaching residue oil from the roots of the hair. Shampoo with caviar are under strength the first time.

After using shampoo hair is soft, not tangled, but there is still a need to apply additional conditioner or mask. The shampoo does not dry hair, good detangling them, but not very economical in use. The maximum of this bottle is enough for 3 weeks of daily use on long hair.

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Von U Caviar Conditioner

Hair conditioner from the same line with caviar extract, as described above, the shampoo is for dry and unruly hair. The consistency is classic conditioning, white in color, comes in a soft tube, 200 ml, and the consumption is much lower than that of the shampoo.

The tool is easily spread on wet hair and rinse quickly under running water. After applying the hair soft, well untangled and smooth, easy to style. Additionally, you can not use indelible media type serum or hair oil.


Von U Argan Nourishing Hair Mask

In a series with no caviar extract hair mask, so I opted for a nourishing mask with argan oil.

The mask is represented in a large heavy jar 480 ml. the Texture is dense and nutritious.

A thick mask is well distributed over the entire length of hair and the manufacturer recommends to keep it for 10 minutes, then rinse with running water.

Mask instantly smoothes the hair, nourishes and moisturizes. Easy to rinse under running water.


After application hair smooth, soft and very light to the touch. Hair easy to fit, shove, and lengthy usage notes cumulative effect — smooth hair, the tips are not whipped.

The mask is pleasant and unobtrusive scent that does not linger on the hair. In my personal rating of hair masks (and I use the mask every other day) this product takes the place of a solid b+. The mask by force to get your hair ready for work in 10 minutes and to make a kind of SOS tool. If your hair as a mask once every 7-10 days, then this option is also advantageous thanks to the great packaging. Year probably just to survive 🙂 and with my frequent use of the mask is small, as the texture is very nutritious and good for one application means you need quite a bit.

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In General, I liked all of the brand Von U, they have definitely a number of advantages: the credibility to the Korean manufacturer, not a high price policy in contrast with many professional product lines and good quality packaging and product inside. Of course neither the shampoo nor the conditioner is not anti age hair products, I’m afraid they can not afford to prevent gray hair, as we would not want this manufacturer, it was not in his power.

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