Want to look younger? Stop doing these things and the result will surprise you

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On the formation of wrinkles and loss of skin elasticity is influenced by many factors, including habits, which we consider harmless.

First of all, to premature wrinkles, loss of elasticity, poor complexion and bad habits. For those who want to preserve the beauty for years need to give up Smoking and alcohol – this is the Golden rule. No care is not capable of miracles, if your skin is constantly exposed to the impact of toxins.

Not less detrimental effect on the skin, excessive sunburn. Yes, under the influence of sunlight the skin becomes smooth and acquires a beautiful color, fade the small imperfections, but actually the skin is exposed to large stress, especially if you don’t have too watch protection from ultraviolet radiation. Enthusiasm for sunbathing can cause wrinkles and also dangerous for the organism as a whole.

For wrinkles considerable influence face muscles. Facial muscles must be kept not only in tone, but under control – if you frown all the time, it is not surprising the appearance of wrinkles in the glabellar area.

It is very important to watch your diet and amount of fluids you drink. And dieting and overeating is equally bad for the skin, for her best – balanced diet. Often wrinkles are worsened by lack of fluid, it is worth remembering that some foods and drinks excrete moisture and this affects the skin condition.

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