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In the category we Wanted to share news from the world of beauty that I want to get right now. Today in our wishlist — the famous pen-eyeliner Stylo 4 Couleurs Clarins (mark introduced her last year), which is back in two new color variations. The new product is not only functional but also pretty, sure you will want to boast of it in Instagram.

Surely you remember the school pen with multiple ink, which allows you to write with different colors. Last year they came back into our lives with the light hand of experts from Clarins, but with a completely different function.

Unusual product with four different shades that can be used for lips and for eyes after its debut in the framework of the limited collection won the love of fans of the brand worldwide. This fall, multi-function pen is returned (and now in the permanent range — its circulation is not restricted) in a new package and a new palette of colors.

Two new pen-eyeliner Stylo 4 Couleurs combine the most popular and versatile shades. Classic black to give the eyes depth and expressiveness, can be present in both palettes. It is supplemented by the trendy blue and green shades in one palette and more restrained gray and brown in the other. And to emphasize the contour of the lips will help pale pink (palette 01) or deep red (palette 02) shades. To use this tool is very simple. Select the desired shade, focusing on the figure under each of them, and click the appropriate button. Turn the handle clockwise to Unscrew the rod at the desired length.

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It is ideal for those who are going in a hurry in the morning — threw a pen in the bag and during the day can quickly correct makeup lips, eyes and eyebrows (brown was originally intended for the shooter, but you can easily emphasize them eyebrows or draw fashion fake freckles — the color is it).

You just have to experiment with shades until Clarins take care of your skin.
The formula of each shade contains a complex of plant waxes (wax flower sunflower, jojoba and acacia), which cares for delicate lips and eyelids and gives her a sense of comfort.

Estimated price: 3 050 roubles.

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