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In the category we Wanted to share news from the world of beauty that I want to get right now. Today in our wishlist — the “smart” face mask UFO from Foreo that has captivated the famous American makeup artist and founder of the cosmetic brand Beauty Huda Kattan Hoodoo and designer Victoria Beckham. Tool will make you forget about using a cold, wet cloth masks this winter and not only warm in cold weather thanks to thermotherapy, but also provides a thorough skin hydration, despite temperature extremes and relentless battery (heating makes the air drier).

The end of December — the height of the array of gifts to loved ones. So how come we still have several cold months, a suitable option can be a beauty assistant for special skin care this winter, for example, the smart mask for the Swedish brand Foreo (the man who invented massagers for face Luna).

The mask appeared on the market in the beginning of the year, but we are unfairly deprived of her attention — fix it!

On assurances of the creators, the miracle device in 90 seconds is comparable to a visit to a professional beautician. The device works in tandem with fabric masks Foreo (many options to choose from to moisturizer specifically created for oily skin), developed by Korean experts. Gadget helps useful components absorbed several times faster and penetrate deeper into the skin, moisturizing and preventing dryness even in the most severe frosts. What the dermatologist ordered!

To do this, Foreo UFO (stands for Ur Future Obsession) has several modes of operation:

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• vibrating massage,
• thermal and cryotherapy (heat or cooling mask)
• light treatment in three modes.

The vibrating massage allows you to take the maximum of useful trace elements and vitamins from the tissue masks. Thermal mode is used for night and collagen masks to achieve a softening and soothing effect, and the “cold” mode is needed for daytime moisturizing and toning masks.

Blue lamps stimulate the blood circulation, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and soothing effect. Perfect for skin prone to inflammations and rashes and also to treat acne. Green light, even skin tone, remove dull complexion and struggle with rosacea and red have anti-aging and firming effect, improve blood circulation, promote moisture retention in the skin cells, tightens pores.

Until recently, LED therapy can be done only in the beauty (and the course consisted of a minimum of ten procedures), but progress does not stand still.

To start using this “flying saucer”, you need to place the mask in the device to apply a special transparent ring and using the prompts of the mobile application to establish a session, using a Bluetooth connection with your phone. Do not be lazy and sign up on the Foreo website (you will need to enter the skin type, age, amount of alcohol consumed per day of water).

After use, be sure to rinse it with water (it’s waterproof, don’t worry) and proudly put on a pedestal (it comes). When discharged — recharged (USB cable, of course, attached).

The device was released in two formats: a simplified version of UFO Foreo Foreo Mini and standard UFO. The size of both versions are identical (diameter of 72.5 mm), but the Mini option is missing cryotherapy and limited the possibility of using additional skin funds.

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Smart mask UFO (25 999 rubles, you can buy now at a discount of 25 percent) and UFO-activated mask (1 799 RUB) are available for order on the official website of the brand, AIZEL.ru and Beauty-shop.ru and also available in shops “Golden Apple”.

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