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In the category we Wanted to share news from the world of beauty that I want to get right now. Today in our wishlist — tools with nourishing macadamia nut oil for rapid hair restoration after the summer from the Australian brand Aussie.

In Australia know a lot about not only surfing and delicious food, but also in the care of unruly and dry hair, because in the land of koalas and kangaroos the sun mercilessly scorches. A mission to rescue tresses from adverse weather conditions took upon himself the founding father of the brand Aussie Ted Redmond in 1979. So there was superbestseller brand shampoo and conditioner Miracle Moist and 3 Minute Miracle mask.

In the moisturizing line Miracle Moist main ingredient is macadamia nut oil. In restoring 3 Minute Miracle — a mix of macadamia, jojoba oil and avocado extract and Australian Melissa. Someone will say that it is only conventional means of mass-market, but we still try to convince you.

Technologists of the brand emphasize that in our century only the artificial products Aussie like 40 years ago, is completely natural components, every one of local Australian and environmentally friendly.

Especially the fans of the brand praised the final stage of care (too many of his reviews on YouTube), is the best Reconstructor from Aussie, no wonder he is called so. Mask 3 Minute Miracle moisturizes, smoothes hair in just three minutes, and in the future will cope with split ends. It’s a real godsend for those who like to experiment with curls, whether a Perm, coloring or styling with the use of a large number of styling products. Reconstructor will make hair smooth, manageable and shiny, as if they had nothing to do with a flat iron or Curling iron. And the formula with the Australian mint and macadamia oil will save dried in the sun curls. And what means flavor! Sweet, juicy, like a piece of gum Love Is.

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Now all these products are presented in mini-format (90 and 75 milliliters). Means conveniently take with you to the gym or travel.

Estimated cost

Shampoo and conditioner Miracle Moist — 100-110 rubles.
Reconstructor 3 Minute Miracle — 135 rubles.

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