Wanted: “bombs” for bath with Prosecco

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In the category we Wanted to share news from the world of beauty that I want to get right now. Today in our wishlist — unusual “bombs” for bath with the aroma of Prosecco, which will help you to relax from new year fuss.

There is nothing better than after a long hard day to score yourself a warm relaxing bath, light some candles and pour a Cup of tea or something stronger. Due to the novelty from Gift Republic, you can feel a little Beyonce, who just loves to bathe in champagne. The star, however, pours into the bath elite champagne, which starts from $ 300 and goes up to 20 thousand dollars per bottle. And you can do it for just $ 12.

Take a dip in the Prosecco, add the “bombs” for bath of Prosecco. The package contains ten shiny balls, which, by the way, do not contain alcohol, but they smell so sweetly. Despite the fact that Gift Republic — British brand, fortunately, tools can be bought on Asos.

According to experts of the brand, in the “bomb” — nourishing and hydrating natural ingredients such as coconut oil.
The smell is refreshing Prosecco. And when you do decide to part with the bathroom of your dreams, the tool will leave your body a healthy glow.”Bombs” would be the perfect Christmas gift for lovers of play in the Playground and just a nice treat for myself in the cold winter months.

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