Wanted: collection for the “invisible” Neo Nude makeup, Giorgio Armani

In the category we Wanted to share news from the world of beauty that I want to get right now. Today in our wishlist — powder, like a veil enveloping, liquid detergent for delicate contouring, blush water-based highlighter champagne color that looks like liquid silk, and soothing lip balm with oil of capers.

“I think makeup is an individual choice every time, when everything is focused on the trends that are past.” This particular phrase Linda Cantello, international makeup artist of the brand Giorgio Armani Beauty answers our question of what make to be the rage this fall. Natural makeup, or as it is called, makeup “without makeup”, is always relevant. In the new collection Neo Nude just has everything to create it: the tools for the perfect tone for cheeks and lips.

Compact powder Nude Neo Fusion Powder

Neo Nude Fusion Powder is not a typical powdery dust. Its innovative texture experts have developed neither more nor less than ten (!) years. The secret to weightless, like a cloud of dust is a new composition, treated using the so-called memory of water. In the process of making water from the powder evaporates, leaving only a powdery texture. However, when in contact with moisture contained in the skin, the process is reversed: the powder turns back into a gentle enveloping veil, which merges with the skin.

Means for contouring Neo Nude A-Contour

If you are one of those who is afraid to overdo it with the bronzing product (not to look like a Donatella Versace), then you should pay attention to the liquid for A contouring-Contour. The formula is water-based makes it easy to apply product and blend it with your fingers, without using all kinds of brushes. The novelty is released in two cold brown hues (no yellow!).

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Neo A Nude Blush-Blush

Like A-Contour, A Blush is water-based and instantly blends into the skin, softening and hydrating it and at the same time adding Shine, just like cate Blanchett at the premiere of “8 friends of Oushena” in London. In the palette of five shades, from light to dark pink, including a bright orange (our favorite).

The Neo A Nude Highlighter-Highlight

Slightly to emphasize the radiance of your skin will help the highlighter light pink or a delicate shade of champagne color (makeup artists of the brand suggest to mix it with peach blush to get a more warm hue). The tool is truly multifunctional: it can be safely applied to the eyelids — get fashionable effect gym skin. By the way, the means to contouring can also be used for eye makeup — accentuate the depth of the look.

Lip balm Balm Ectasy

It consists of oil capers, with antioxidant properties, which is responsible for hydration and nutrition. The balm gives my lips a Shine and cares for them during the day.

The tool is available in three natural shades: light pink, rich pink and plum. In the composition of the nutritional oil of capers, which moisturize and nourish the skin. The representatives of the brand assure that the balm will enhance your natural lip color, giving them extra volume and will last an incredibly long time, about eight hours. But what about the resistance the creators got excited…

Indicative prices

Compact powder — 4 800 rubles.

Lip balm — 3 100 rubles.

Liquid blush — 2 885 rubles.

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Highlighter — 2 885 rubles.

Means for contouring — 2 885 rubles.

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